Mike Bodnar


The Double Double

This past weekend there was recently a DOUBLE, DOUBLE up where two drivers took home four wallys. We know how rare they are, not quite sure if this has ever been done. The last double on the national event level was Ken Moses last year in Epping, he was only the 26th person to do it. The two drivers that share this accomplishment from last weekend’s division seven race inRead More

2020 Is Off To the Races!

The season has officially started back up, a couple weeks ago on the East Coast and the National scene has kicked itself off on the West Coast! We take a dive into the points early in the season to see what big names, make themself a big start. We dive into who usually takes the track first, Stock. The guy who won the 2018 Stock Eliminator World Championship is offRead More

Super Comp World Champ- Ray Miller III

Know around the track as “Ray Ray,” Ray Miller III is your 2019 Super Comp World Champion. Miller not being new to the winners circle, but this was his first World Championship in arguably the toughest class in NHRA. He has also claimed in his ten years of chasing points, 20+ Wins on the NHRA National and Divisional scene. This year was pretty much the only name your heard calmingRead More

Super Gas Champion – Jeremy Mason

The little black Chevy II that was originally driven home on a bucket when he was just three years old, is now a Super Gas World Champion, that is Jeremy Mason and his 1966 Chevy II.  Through many years and many nights they made the rough car, into a racecar running local bracket races and bottom bulb races, in 2017 they had the car completely redone, wanting to go SuperRead More

The Points Chase: Stock and Super Stock

With five NHRA Nationals Events left in the season the points chase is firing up, but also coming to a close. Hopefuls take their stabs at upcoming events, and some have to sit back and hope there score is strong enough to last. Current leader in Stock is Joe Santangelo ending his points chase where he wanted to in the winners circle, in his last race to claim at theRead More

Allison Doll, setting her sights on the 2019 season

Number three finisher last year in Division One was Allison Doll, setting her sights on the 2019 season, she’s off to a fiery start. In my eyes the front runner to take home the Division title for this year. With many accolades to her name such as multiple time Divisional and National Top 10 finisher, Jeg’s All-Star Qualifier, Divisional and National Event wins, you know pulling next to her inRead More

Kyle Bigley – Div 1 Super Comp Champion

With 2019 race season coming to a start, their will be one driver in Super Comp that will be running the number 11 this season. That driver is Kyle Bigley. Well recap his year to see how his points added up to a pretty impressive number. The “first race” of the season for him and many others took place at Maple Grove Raceway, the second stop on NHRA Division One’sRead More

This Is Bracket Racing Elite

This Is Bracket Racing Elite is really something special. A resource that every racer should have in their arsenal. Last month enrollment was closing, and time was limited to get into the “college of bracket racing.” I call it that because it’s pretty much resembles taking an online course in college. In this article I will explain why.  This is my personal experience, I was looking to join to gainRead More

NHRA Division One Champions Crowned

The 2018 Season has ended and in the Northeast Division the snow has started to fall and preparations for the 2019 season have begun. This year has been full of many pivotal moments for points, scorching temps, and many great memories gathered. Let’s break this down to see which drivers are going to hold the number #11 on their car. Starting off with Stock Eliminator, Jimmy Daniels is going toRead More

The best to ever do it? Justin Lamb

The greatness we are witnessing with Super Stock and Stock Eliminator driver Justin Lamb. If you do not know who he is, he was the 2017 Stock and Super Stock World Champion, a task that only two other drivers have accomplished, Scotty Richardson in 1994, and Jeff Strickland in 2016, in 2017 Justin Lamb joined the club. The incredible part about this story is that he almost did it again,Read More

Reverse Thinking

Over the past couple of years you are seeing different ways of the .90 racing game being played. This has been a very big year for reverse throttle stops, taking the drag community by storm. With the past two national events, the reverse throttle stop held a runner up and a win. These two are the biggest competitors for the use of the reverse throttle stop. Chris Garretson, current nationalRead More

Keith Mayers and his Porsche

Watching between round is one of my favorite thing to do when it comes to racing. Up on the top end, hearing drivers start to kick it and rip it at the 1/8th mile there is nothing better. During the Maple Grove Divisional I found myself on the starting line, ear plugs in, cars doing burnouts and I hear music. And see a driver in his car, getting pumped upRead More