The Gatornationals… Sportsman only

The Gatornationals were postponed for the first time in its history, this is the 51st annual race. Although the race was postponed for the Pro’s, the sportsman were able to complete their race, another first in the history of NHRA. As everyone is aware of the the Covid19 spreading across the country, NHRA made the right move. The sportsman would have no fans as NHRA limited the track to racers and crew, there would be no spectators. Racing was completed in two days, a very somber day for the finals, but well understood by all.


Comp: Wes Leopold Jr. vs Brad Plourd

Neither driver qualified at the top, but both drivers did what that needed to do to get to the finals. Leopold was clean through the rounds, but was a little down on performance to Plourd. Leopold had the better light, .026 to Plourd’s .059, but Plourd had then better car and to the win. This is 21st NHRA national event win.


Super Stock: David Latino vs Anthony Bertozzi

Latino and Bertozzi battling it out for a double up. Latino is going for a double up in stock, Bertozzi is going for the double in Top Dragster. Latino is a little late with a .050 light, but Bertozzi is .-oo5 red and Latino gets the win and chance to double up.


Stock: David Latino vs Frank Aragona


Latino is going for the double, Aragona makes this race an easy one as he goes red and gives Latino the double up, the 41st time in NHRA national event history. Latino takes home his 3rd and 4th NHRA national event Wally.


Super Comp: Ray Miller III vs Ken Moses

Miller takes on Moses, Miller is .007 on the tree and .005 over the index… a 12 pack that gave Moses no room to get in on. Miller takes the stripe and the win. This is Miller’s 18th NHRA national event win.


Super Gas: Greg Slack vs Jonathan Anderson

Slack and Anderson on both good on the tree, Slack takes to much stripe and breaks out by .016. Anderson is good with 9.91  on a 9.90. Anderson picks up his 5th NHRA national event win.


Top Dragster: Anthony Bertozzi vs Ross Laris

Bertozzi is trying to get one win in the two finals he has been in. Laris is .013 on the tree and .004 over his dial. The math is just not there for Betozzi,  Laris takes the stripe and the win, this is his 3rd NHRA national event win.


Top Sportsman: Sandy Wilkins vs Ron Riegel

Riegel is dead on his dial with .002. Wilkins is .011 over his dial, but has the better light, .047 to Riegel’s .077. Wilkins has the room and takes the stripe for his 4th NHRA national event win.

Photos By – Look at Drag Racing


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