Larry & Patsy Hill – “Live” From Down South – The Southern Tour


Larry and Patsy Hill

Many of you know Larry Hill and his wife Patsy from their iconic “Live From’s” on the Class Racer forum, but did you know that they have been bringing you the “Live From’s” for over 8 years. Typical Patsy’s threads start off with them getting ready to hit the road, and in many cases you get photos and some great stories of people and places along the way. The threads are so popular that they are often the most viewed threads of the year. With more the a 100,000 views per thread and a few over 200,000 views, you know they have something special with their live from reports.


Stopped at Cape Canveral to watch a rocket launch

Although many readers are looking forward to hearing about the racing, they do love the way Patsy brings a more personal touch by giving stories behind the scenes. Racing is why we here, but we all know its the people that keep us coming back. Its about family and friends. The people we meet, and in many cases becoming life long friends. Patsy makes you feel like you are there, whether its a run down the track, or having a barque, or just a late night drink with friends, you can’t help but feel you are there with them.

The “Live From Down South” will tour 5 races in 6 weeks and bring you some great stories and great photos along the way. They have already been to the Orlando divisional race and the divisional race in Gainesville. With a week off, they stay at Gainesville for another divisional race and stay one more week for the Gatornationals, and then on to Belle Rose for the Jegs Sportsnationals to finish off the tour. Make sure you stay current with whats going on by visiting the “Live” From Down South thread.

When talking to Larry and Patsy asking why they do the live reports, you get a very humble response. They just want to share their story and bring a little piece of racing and their travels to the racers and fans at home. Live coverage at the sportsman level is almost no existent, Larry and Patsy along with the other live reporters bring us something special and unique. I know I speak for many when I say, Larry and Patsy, we love what you do and it means more than you know.


Dan Smith and his wife Delores on the left, Larry and Patsy on the right. Dan and Larry played basketball together, Dan and his wife visited the Hill’s at the Orlando divisional race.



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  1. Ron Johnson says:

    I am wondering if this is the same “Larry Hill” that may have been on the crew with Shay Nichols 69 Camaro and eventually bought the Camaro from Shay.
    Like to know if this the one and same guy and how I might get to ask him about the Camaro.

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