NHRA Arizona Nationals Winners

The NHRA Arizona Nationals were sold out on Sunday, and for this day you would see three rounds of Sportsman racing instead of the normal 2 rounds. The weather did have an impact on Saturday as the rains slowed the days racing. Temps 0n Sunday would reach 70 with sunshine all day. Racing was tough on Sunday, as there would be only one red light in all 7 finals.


Comp: Dean Carter vs Doug Lambeck

Carter was the number 1 qualifier and had a huge performance advantage going into the final against Lambeck. Carter got the win but paid dearly for it, getting a permanent CIC hit. This is Carter’s 16th NHRA national event win.


Super Stock: Kyle Rizzoli vs Justin Lamb

Rizzoli’s takes on the Winternationals Super Stock Champ, Justin Lamb. Rizzoli’s .o10 package in the final gives Lamb no chance to win back to back races in Super Stock. Rizzoli’s takes home his 9th NHRA national event win.


Stock: Brad Burton vs Jon Irving

Irving is .023 on the tree, Burton has his work cut out for him as he is .055 on the tree. Both drivers are on the brakes at the stripe, but Irving is holding to much and breaks out by .024. Burton is .019 to the good and takes the win. Burton wins 9th NHRA national event win.


Super Comp: Cal Belden vs Val Torres

This was set to be a tough battle. Torres has a perfect light .000, but Belden goes red by .005, giving Torres the easy win. Torres takes home his 8th NHRA national event win.


Super Gas: Ed Olpin Jr vs Matthew Larso

Olpin is .001 on the tree, Larso is .052 on the tree. When you do the math there is no way for Larso to get the win. Olpin drives the stripe and gets the win. This is Olpin’s 2nd NHRA national event win.


Top Dragster: Phil Unruh vs Art Hoover

Unruh and Hoover do battle to take the Top Dragster title. Hoover .012 on the tree and .003 over his dial. With those kind of numbers, Unruh has no chance for win. Unruh breaks out and Hoover takes the stripe and the win. Hoover gets his 2nd NHRR national event win.


Top Sportsman: Paul Mitsos vs  Ed Olpin

Oplin is going for the double up as he has already won Super Gas. Mitsos is having none of that and is .003 on the tree. Both drivers are above their dial ins and Oplin is .023 on the tree, but Mitsos .003 is to much to overcome and he takes the win. Mitsos takes home his 2nd NHRA national event win.


Photos By – Auto Imagery

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