SpringNationals – Houston Raceway Park Winners

The Springnationals at Houston Raceway Park is not known for its great weather. This year there was a rain delay on Saturday, but not like years past. The race was finished on time and with only 5 sportsman classes competing they stayed on schedule for the most part. Sportsman eliminations started on the same day as qualifying at the three day race. Stock had class schedule for this race and their first round was on Saturday. They weather was in the mid 70’s and except for the short rain delay it was a good weekend for racing.


Super Stock: Pete Peery over Darrin Christen


Both drivers hammered the tree, Christen was triple zip, .000 on the tree. Peery was .002, it all came down to the other end. Peery was .018 over dial and Christen was .022 over his dial, Peery took the stripe by .0027 and gets his 4th NHRA national event win.


Stock: Jacob Pitt over Bret Candies

Pitt gets the advantage off the starting line, Candies tries to run him down. Pitt pedals just before the stripe, so does Candies. Both drivers are trying kill what they can, but still take the stripe. Pitt does a better job and takes another close race by .0067 and get his 3rd NHRA national event win.


Super Comp: Veron Rowland over Chris Vang

Rowland is competing for his first nation event win. He hits the tree with a .008, Vang is .021 and takes the stripe, but breaks out by.027. Rowland also breaks out, but by less, .010 and get his 1st NHRA national event win.


Super Gas: Robert Rowan over Koy Collier

The finals get better as the day goes on. Rowan is .002 dead on with a .008. Collier is equally as good on the tree with a .008, but he takes to much stripe and can not overcome Rowan’s .010 package. Rowan gets his 1st NHRA national event win.


Top Dragster: Ross Laris over William Kruse

This race is over at the starting line. Kruse has been driving well through 4 round of racing, but pushes the tree and goes .-007 red. Laris is a little off with a .031 light, but it makes no difference and picks up his 2nd NHRA national event win.


Photos By – Auto Imagery

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