E-Town, the end of an era

The rumor of Raceway Park, Englishtown NJ closing comes up every year at this time. Inside sources tells us this may be the year it final happens. After 52 years this iconic track maybe shutting down for good. Demolition construction is supposed to start on Monday January 15th. As far as why it will close, we don’t have that info, but I’m sure it will make local news as soon as the demolition begins.


6 Comments to E-Town, the end of an era

  1. andre foster says:

    move it to virginia motorsports park

  2. Louis Anagnostis says:

    Fake news isn’t news you don’t believe. Sad day.

  3. KBL says:


  4. Reporter says:

    I understand your feeling about fake news, but it has also been posted on BANGshift…

  5. Mike Beck says:

    So what got demolished yesterday?

    Instead of publishing “fake news”, maybe you should call and find out what is actually happening there instead.

    Each year the same BS comes-around.

    You people have nothing better to do?

  6. E-town says:

    BS! Quit posting rumors. And we wonder why there’s such a problem with “fake news”

    Its because no one verifies shit. They’re too worried about being the first one to post it and end up being wrong. Just like now.

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