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01-consultationLenny Croteau, owner of Ultimate Converter Concepts may not be the the large volume torque converter company, but when it comes to customer service, he is among the best. Located in Cornelius, NC,  Lenny is well known for many Stock and Super Stock record holders running his converters. His personal relationship with his customers over the years has made him successful along with outstanding customer service. Quotes like this from Billy Glidden are the norm when it comes to Lenny’s service. “I have alot of customers all over the country, and have used Lenny’s converters for one reason, he is the best! I can give him the numbers of my power and torque, and he gets what I need right away, you can’t beat his service either, he is quick and efficient, and being a racer I know all about this. Thanks.”

If your looking for that personal touch, give Lenny a call. He is not the biggest, but he is one the best. Just ask any Stock or Super Stock racer about Lenny, friendly, professional and great service is what you will here.

Below is about who they are and what they do at Ultimate Converter Concepts from their website.

Ultimate Converter Concepts will produce and market a quality line of high performance torque converters to meet the needs and demands of today’s racing and high performance 09-10-innovationenthusiast. We will always provide the best possible value to our customers who care about quality high performance products, and want them to come away from each experience with us feeling confident that every dollar spent with us was well spent. We also strive to create and nurture a healthy, creative, respectful, positive and fun workplace, in which we are encouraged to respect the customer and the quality of the products we produce.

Ultimate Converter Concepts was conceived with the idea of producing the finest, most durable converters available on the market today. Unmatched personal service and consultation – spend your time and money the right way the first time!




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