Top Ten Factory Looking Stockers

Top Ten’s are usually subjective, and this top ten is no different. Tell us what you think, are these the closest looking Stockers compared to their factory counter part? We know there are many cool looking Stockers that look like then came right off the showroom floor. We tried to find ones without trick paint and the least amount of contingency decals. Here is Class Racer’s Top Ten starting with number 10.


10 - Gary Simpers 67 Fairlane Wagon
10 - Gary Simpers 67 Fairlane Wagon
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2 Comments to Top Ten Factory Looking Stockers

  1. Kevin says:

    So many nice cars makes it almost impossible to choose. Great topic and thanks for sharing. My favourite would have to be Bobby D Armonds Camaro. The first in the 9 s!

  2. P.J. says:

    I definitely would have bumped the green Camaro &, or the ford station wagon for a 1967 Plymouth, Dodge RO23 or WO23 car.

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