Top Ten Factory Looking Stockers

Top Ten’s are usually subjective, and this top ten is no different. Tell us what you think, are these the closest looking Stockers compared to their factory counter part? We know there are many cool looking Stockers that look like then came right off the showroom floor. We tried to find ones without trick paint and the least amount of contingency decals. Here is Class Racer’s Top Ten starting with number 10.


10 - Gary Simpers 67 Fairlane Wagon
10 - Gary Simpers 67 Fairlane Wagon
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7 Comments to Top Ten Factory Looking Stockers

  1. LEWIS BECKER says:


  2. Larry Rbbins says:

    Its nice to go to a Div. race or anymore a National event and see that the decals are no longer a factor..

  3. Gary Simpers says:

    Unfortunately no. We use the stock replacement allowed by NHRA. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Daryl Bureski says:

    It looks very stock,but is the oil pan stock too?

  5. Gary Hampton says:

    I wish you would’ve did this 2yrs ago, and had Stephen Hagbergs ’64 Silver Plymouth Savoy in it. However, you could have his current ’67 Plymouth Satellite, as well? I suppose you all aren’t fans of fwd stockers, because my ’86 Chevy Cavalier Z24 is about as stock as a Stock Eliminator car can get, given I still run the factory exhaust manifolds with it, and at Tucson Dragway last week I ran -.385 under my altitude adjusted 16.04 index. In Pomona at the 2016 NHRA Winternationals, it ran a 15.02 which was exactly -.058 under the 15.60 index. That was cool, because I was born in ’58, and my car number also ends in 58 (7058).

  6. Kevin says:

    So many nice cars makes it almost impossible to choose. Great topic and thanks for sharing. My favourite would have to be Bobby D Armonds Camaro. The first in the 9 s!

  7. P.J. says:

    I definitely would have bumped the green Camaro &, or the ford station wagon for a 1967 Plymouth, Dodge RO23 or WO23 car.

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