Is Englishtown Raceway Park Back?

There has been talk that Englishtown may be back with a new owner. Don Schumacher’s name has been floating around, and he is looking into purchasing Raceway Park. As many of you know Englishtown has a great history of racing, and many fans and racers were sad to see drag racing end at this iconic track. If Schumacher does purchase Englishtown, look for NHRA to be back with a national event.

2 Comments to Is Englishtown Raceway Park Back?

  1. Peter Lanciers says:

    Damn, Hope this is true made my first pass there as a teenager. A lifetime later after 33 years of combined active duty and support of our DoD, I return to the sport I love only to discover that any dream of returning to my Jersey roots for a National was dashed. Man, I got all my fingers and toes crossed, Go Shoe!

  2. Frank Castros says:

    A good business man like Shoe must know a National Event is a cash cow.

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