A day at Ray Barton Racing Engines



Jack Matyas

So recently I received an invitation from David Barton ( General Manager ) to come by with my COPO for some adjustments and enhancements and decided to take him up on it. As I’m always looking for more so this was perfect and since they recently got the MOJO back in my ride this turned out to be a great opportunity for me.

As most folks think when they hear the Ray Barton name they think MOPAR but its just not so anymore as David and his staff speak General Motors and Ford well. Well enough that they now have several front running COPO’s and a couple of Cobra Jets too, and I’m just as guilty as I never ever thought I’d see the day when a Chevrolet banner would be hanging proudly in their shop and yet there it was.

I got the entire tour during the day, from the office to the dyno room ( which had a Supercharged LS 350 on while I was there ). If the chance to visit ever comes up don’t miss out, take the tour it’s well worth the time.

Me? I can’t wait to get to the track and try out the changes.


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