Route 66 NHRA Nationals

Competition was fierce at the 22nd annual Route 66 NHRA Nationals in Chicago, Illinois. Weather remained in the high 70s with relatively low humidity throughout the weekend, making almost perfect racing weather. As always, we saw some close races, some red lights, and some first ever career wins for our sportsman drivers.


Competition Eliminator:

Greg Kamplain captured his eighth career win against Van Puckett in the Comp Eliminator final. Although Puckett had a very slight starting line advantage, he was not able run quick enough under his adjusted index, leaving Kamplain to take the stripe.


Super Stock:

Vic Penrod earned his second career victory against Justin Lamb in the Super Stock final. Lamb was too quick off the line with a -.018 light, immediately handing the win off to Penrod.


Stock Eliminator:

Randi Lyn Shipp earned her seventh career win against Jeff Lopez. While Lopez was .007 at the hit, he took too much stripe and broke out by 7-thou, thus, giving the win to Shipp.


Super Comp:

Dave Dahlem took home his second national event Wally in the Super Comp final against Megan Strassweg. Strassweg was -.004 on the tree, turning the win over to Dahlem.


Super Gas:

Nathan Vrooman took out Devin Isenhower in a double breakout final to capture his second national event title. Vrooman had the starting line advantage and was only 2-thou under the 9.90 index while Isenhower was 13-thou under.


Super Street:

Rodger Sauder took home his first national event win in the Super Street final against Wayne Christopher. Both drivers had seemingly close reaction times (.020 to .022, respectively); however, Christopher was not able to run close enough to the 10.90 index. Sauder’s MOV was about 3 feet.


Top Sportsman:

Lester Johnson took home his second national event title against Brandon Baxter. While Baxter was slightly better on the tree, he took a bit too much stripe and ran 3-thou under his 6.60 dial. Johnson ran dead on his 6.18 dial with a 3, which was enough for the #2 qualifier to finish the job.


Top Dragster:

Jim Prevo took out his opponent, Jeff Strickland, in the Top Dragster final with a .012-thou package. Strickland broke out by 11-thou trying to catch Prevo, earning Prevo his first ever career win.


Photos By – Auto Imagery


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