Sam Tech Factory Stock Showdown Winner Peter Gasko

Peter Gasko

The 19 year old rookie Peter Gasko took out veteran David Barton in the Sam Tech Factory Stock Showdown final at the 4 Wide at zMax Raceway in Charlotte, NC. Calling Peter Gasko a rookie is not exactly correct, this is his second year racing. Gasko’s racing career started at the ripe old age of 18. With no family racing background and no dragracing experience, to say Gasko is a natural would be an understatement. This unassuming young man is quiet, polite and well mannered. A rare site these days with the younger crowd. Peter was picked out of thousands of entrees to purchase a 2015 COPO, never thinking they would pick him we he entered. The family purchased the 15 COPO and Peter began his racing career. They were so impressed with the car, they bought a 2017 COPO, and it has paid off with a win in its second race.

Peter Gasko’s 2017 COPO is ironically powered by Ray Barton Racing Engines. In fact out of the top 4 qualifiers, 3 were powered by Ray Barton Racing Engines. Although David Barton did not win, he told us “As long as a customer wins, I’m happy. The Gasko’s are great people and we are happy to be a part of their win”. Gasko qualified number 2 with a 8.273, behind the number 1 qualifier Chuck Watson at 8.257 with his 2016 Cobra Jet. David Barton qualified 3rd and Gary Wolkwitz, owner of Barton’s 2017 COPO followed in the number 4 spot in his 2015 COPO. The same COPO that won the first Sam Tech Factory Stock Showdown in Gainesville with David Barton at the wheel.

The first round paired Gasko with Geoff Turk. Turk drives the only Drag Pak Challenger competing in the Showdown, Turk qualified number 6. Gasko ran another 8.274 for the win, he was .053 on the tree, Turk was .118 on the tree and had no chance when he spun hard. In round 2 Gasko would take on Wolkwitz. Taction was an issue for Gasko, but Wolkwitz red lighted,  giving Gasko the win. Mean while Barton ran the quickest et of the round, in fact the quickest et of the week, 8.18 at 166. In the final Gasko had a great .008 light and ran a 8.262, to take the holeshot win over Barton’s quicker 8.227. Barton’s .090 light doomed him for a back to back win in the Sam Tech Factory Stock Showdown.

This is Peter Gasko’s first NHRA national event win, he will be competing in all of the Sam Tech Factory Stock Showdown racers on then NHRA tour. If he continues to preform like he did at the 4 Wide, the series may have a new Champion at the end of the season.

Peter Gasko

David Barton

Geoff Turk

Gary Wolkwitz & Waldemar Rodriguez















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