NHRA – Rules and Rumors

It has been rumored that NHRA will streamline tech at nationals events. For some this is a welcome change, but less tech involvement may lead some racers to push the rules. The next rumor is about eliminating qualifying for Stock and Super Stock to move the race along faster. The last rumor floating around is no stacking rigs before the race. Inside sources tell us that the latter two rumors are not being consider. The first rumor is most likely a done deal. Although some are worried about racers disregarding safety rules knowing there will be no full tech for everyone. NHRA does say they will be spot checking at every national event. If the racer is not in compliance, they will not be able to race.

Lets us know what your thoughts are. Is a streamlined tech procedure a good thing or bad thing. Is making sure your car and equipment are correct, a responsibility racers are ready to except.


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  1. Steve says:

    Raced at the Mile Highs in Denver over the last weekend.
    Yes they did come through the lanes before Q1 and checked as they would have if you rolled up to the tech trailer. The usual stuff under hood safety gear seat belts in the trunk etc. Tech card had already been turned in at the tech trailer before being called for Q1. Went smoothly from what I could tell.
    May very well save the racer and NHRA personal time. I have raced at a few D5 races over the last several years and the tech guys are familiar with the car so that may help somewhat.

  2. John Vincent says:

    Greetings, is it legal to use k member for camaro 88 GT? … from PR

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