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John Kissel
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Default Pressure washer soap

I have a metal covered pole barn garage by C.B. Structures that I am trying to clean and all of the stuff I have bought from the "big box stores" do not suds up and leave a clean surface. I have washed it several times the same day, and when I am done, you can still find dirt on the siding when you rub your hand on it. The building is 10 years old and one of the best things I have ever bought and also need something like a water soluable wax to put some color back on the roof due to the sun baking the roof. Thanks in advance, John Kissel K242
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Default Re: Pressure washer soap

I use a product called JoMax on my house and garage. Box stores have it. Never used it on metal tho. Works great on the house(painted) and the garage (vinyl siding). Don't need a pressure washer.
Mike Moller
IHRA 9203 R-T-U/SA
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House of Darts
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Default Re: Pressure washer soap

That's the best you'll get with a power washer. Anything better that that requires manual brushing.
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Dick Butler
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Default Re: Pressure washer soap

Found no better results pressure washing Motor Home. It has to be brushed.
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Default Re: Pressure washer soap

Mix some Purple Stuff in the mix, I used it on old paint on cars, takes the crusty top off, spray wax after in the pressure washer. Try in a small spot first for strength of mix.
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Default Re: Pressure washer soap

John…Back in the late 70's I had a part-time job pressure washing Commercial Fish Boats while on dry dock, we used Tide laundry detergent and a jug of bleach. Mixed together and dilute with water for desired concentricity. Pretty much removes everything, also works good for removing oxidation off old cars. Try it, you'll like it. MB.
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Default Re: Pressure washer soap

Get a hold of a Zep Rep in your area...I would recommend ZEP Blast Away.....1 877 I BUYZEP
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