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Default Motor home with 350 ?

I'm looking at a motor home for work only. I have a guy that wants to sell me a 38 footer with a 350 Chevy. I'm a little worried about the size of the motor. Anyone know if a 350 can work with a larger Motor home? And is there any way to increase the horsepower? It has an Allison trans if that makes any difference. I should add it's a tag axel, class a , 1999

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Ed Wright
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Default Re: Motor home with 350 ?

Might have trouble towing a race car with it. Sorry I did not notice you put 1999in your message. Guess I need to pay more attention.
The '99 Vortec 350" is more powerful than the 1995 and older 350"s. The computer can be programmed for roughly 24 to 25 rwhp, and 32to 35 ft lbs more torque at the tires, on 87 octane fuel. I have tuned many of those. I have never seen one with an Allison trans. I had an '04 36' Class A motor home with the GM 8.1 Liter gasoline engine, and it still had a 4L80E Trans. The 350" with an Allison is surprising. The Allisons shift a lot, but the gear ratio spread in pretty close, so the engine should stay in it's power band better than with a 4 speed. I have had 8.1L trucks with both transmissions on my dyno. The Allison equipped trucks showed a little less power to the tires. Plus & minuses to most things, I guess.

Easy to tell if it is a 6.0L or 350". The 350" still has a distributor in the back.
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Default Re: Motor home with 350 ?

Jim Carter
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Default Re: Motor home with 350 ?

I have never heard of an Alison trans matched up with a 350 engine . I am wondering if someone pulled a big block out and put in a sbc . My motorhome is a Class A with a 454 , and is 27 feet long . It is adequate towing my trailer , but I sure wouldn't want less horsepower , and more importantly less torque .
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Default Re: Motor home with 350 ?

Any chance is a 5.9 Cummings? That would make more sense, those are 360s.

You need to take a look at it if for no other reason to find out what it really is.

Like everyone else, I have never heard of that big of a motor home with a small block.

I have also never heard of a gas engine, big or small block with an Allison, but I am no expert.

Let us know what you find out!

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