NHRA Four-Wide Nationals Winners

The NHRA Four-Wide Nationals in Charlotte, NC should have been called the windy nationals. I think this was a first when the race was delayed on account of strong winds. We also had hail thrown in for good measure. Even with the bad weather the race was finished on time. The track was in pretty good shape for Friday and Saturday, but come Sunday the Factory Stock Showdown cars were having issues with the starting line. We did see the first 180 mph Factory Stock Showdown pass by Chuck Watson in  the first round on Saturday.









Factory Stock Showdown: Bill Skillman over Bo Butner

This was a close race for the number 1 and 2 qualifier. Butner had the speed advantage, but Skillman had the advantage at the tree and the et. Bill Skillman is now number 2 in points with his son Drew number 1. Bill Skillman brings home his first NHRa national event win.


Comp: Jim Kimbrough over Randy Daniels


Kimbrough the number 2 qualifier has a slight performance advantage over the number 3 qualifier Daniels in the final round. Kimbrough’s .003 light gives Daniels no chance, combine that with Kimbrough taking a permanent cic hit and he gets the easy win but pays the price. This is Kimbrough’s firs NHRA national event win.


Super Stock: Monty Bogan over Joe Santangelo

Bogan has a chance to double up, he is in the final of Stock. Bogan is .001, Santangelo is .004 red and the race is over. Bogan gets his 3rd NHRA national event win.


Stock: Drew Skillman over Mony Bogan

Bogan had chance to double up, Skillman’s father just won in Factory Stock Showdown. Skillman is .002 dead with a 8. Bogan breaks out but a bunch, .038 but had no choice as he was late with a .083 light. This number 17 for NHRA national event wins.


Super Comp: Jonathan Anderson over Ray Miller

Both drivers have similar lights, Anderson is dead on with a 4. Miller takes to much stripe and breaks out. Anderson takes home his 3rd NHRA national event win.


Super Gas: Joe Harper over Shannon Brinkley

Harper is .006, Brinkley is .054. Brinkley can not over come the starting line advantage that Harper has. Harper wheels the stripe as Brinkley breaks out trying to catch him. Harper gets his 3rd NHRA national  event win.


Top Sportsman: Jerry Albert over Chuck Harris

Albert has a slight advantage at the tree, .035 to .041 from Harris. Harris has a little room, but takes just a little to much stripe, .003 breakout. Albert takes the win, his 4th NHRA event.


Photos By – Auto Imagery

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