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MiniTreeDPortatree Timing Systems is excited to introduce the newest addition to our portable practice tree family: the Portatree Mini! Standing at only 36” tall and weighing only 15lbs, the Portatree Mini is perfect for traveling and especially for taking to the races! The tree is made of aluminum and coated black for protection in all climates. It ships with an aluminum base stand, a mount for the Eliminator Super 2000 (Eliminator sold separately), and your choice of incandescent or LED bulbs. Whether on an office desktop or in a game room, the Portatree Mini is sure to be a hit! The Eliminator Super 2000 (or alternate compatible unit such as the Final Round) is required for operation. For more information on the new Portatree Mini half-size tree, call 800-541-7613 or check it out at www.portatree.com/Item/portatree_mini.

Other Specs:
* Aluminum tree and base stand (tree coated black)
* 36” tall, 12” wide, and 5” deep
* 15 lbs
* 110V AC
* LED or Incandescent bulbs available – PAR20 flood lamp style
* Comes with 3ft of cable for connecting to the Eliminator Super 2000 or other compatible unit

The tree is $500 with incandescent bulbs and $600 with LED bulbs. We are offering free UPS ground shipping and handling within the Continental USA as part of an introductory offer.

For Atco, I was really upset with the weather man on Friday and Saturday. They were predicting rain up to the last minute, and then it turned out to be a beautiful weekend! Oh well. At least it was a nice weekend to work on the cars!

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