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Default 2021 ACSSA Series Rules

(Revised Jan. 18, 2021 Note: Condensed here on CR due to max. size rules, for the unedited rules contact the ACSSA)

(1.) Open to all Stock and Super Stock classes recognized by NHRA, plus the IHRA Stock GT, Pure Stock, and Crate Motor Stock classes.

The ACSSA Stock/Super Stock Challenge series follows the NHRA rules for Stock and Super Stock with the following exceptions:

a) IHRA only classes as noted may compete at ACSSA events using IHRA rules and Indexes. As of the end of the 2017 season IHRA no longer supports Stk/SS racing, so the viability and future of the IHRA classes will henceforth be determined at the end of each race season.

b) NHRA Horsepower Factors shall be used except for the Crate Motor classes, which use engines exclusive to the IHRA. Pure Stock will use NHRA horsepower factors except when an IHRA factor is listed on the IHRA website.

Anyone who wishes to participate in our series for the first time is strongly encouraged to let us know in advance rather than approaching us at the track on the day of the race. Providing advance notice will allow us to have the correct reference material on hand to be able to confirm that the car is legal for the class claimed. If a racer requests to join our field on race weekend, we will not accept them for that race unless they have a conventional combo that is 100% compliant and we happen to have all the necessary reference materials already there to check it.

(2.) Current class rules, minimum weights, HP factors and indexes in use must be on file with the Tech Committee prior to each race. It is the responsibility of the racer to ensure that the information for the class that he/she intends to run is known to the Tech Committee in advance.

(3.) Class designations must be displayed on vehicle. The class chosen cannot be changed after car has been through Tech. On doubleheader weekends the class chosen can be changed between races, but will require a re-weigh and must be done in a timely manner so that the change can be communicated to related ACSSA and track officials.

(4.) The Tech Committee has the right to inspect and weigh cars at any time (to be class legal). Scales will be onsite.

(5.) Courtesy staging must be followed.

(6.) No heads-up races by cars in the same class (except during National Open races).

(7.) Cars must dial on or under the national index for their class.

(8.) Tech inspection to be completed before runs commence. The host tracks will use their existing Tech personnel to conduct their normal ET related safety inspection on each entry. Inspectors assigned by the ACSSA will then do the class related Tech. Tech will be modeled after the procedures used at NHRA events. All efforts will be made to ensure a legal event.

(9.) In the case of a bye or a break single run, the vehicle must stage under its own power as per NHRA rules.

(10.) Race Entry fee (non-National Open races only) - Appropriate track entry fee, PLUS $60 for each Stk/SS race, to be paid before first time trial. If a racer cannot make first round, he or his representative must notify the organizers before the first round starts. One-half the Stk/SS entry will then be refunded ($30.00). If the racer or his representative does not notify the host that he/she is broken prior to the start of the first round there will be no refund. 100% of the Stk/SS entry funds collected will be paid out in winnings, with additional sponsorship monies also added to the payout purse.

(11.) Time Trials - We will have the same number of time trials as the other classes present that weekend, and we will run our entries as a group to get maximum exposure for our series. Whenever practical we will pair the cars in qualifying so that they are close in ET, in order to put on more of a show for the spectators.

(12.) Sportsman Ladders will be used (For example, in a 16 car field the #1 qualifier races #9, #2 races #10, etc.) Field size will conform to the number of cars on the qualifying sheet as provided by the tower at the conclusion of qualifying and will not be reduced in the event of an entry withdrawal due to breakage or other causes.

(13.) In order to be eligible to participate in any Stock/Super Stock Challenge Series race, the racer must be a current member of the ACSSA.

(14.) Points -

ACSSA Stock/Super Stock Challenge Series Point System:

Attend race and go through Tech: 21 pts.
Each Round Win through Quarter-Finals: 20 pts.
Semi-Final Win: 22 pts.
Final Round Win: 23 pts.

Final Points will be tallied using a Best 6 of 8 Races format. Extra points have been assigned to wins and runner-ups, to give extra recognition for final round appearances, and to help break ties in the season championship points. In addition, if a racer attends all scheduled events that racer will be awarded 1 bonus point for each race.

Should one race be lost due to track issues or weather, the season points will adopt a Best 5 of 7 format. Should more than one race be lost then all remaining races will count towards the total.

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