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Adger Smith
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Default Re: C-16 fuel in a stocker

My 1961 172 Cessna with the 0-300 Continental engine was designed for 85 octane fuel. The only aircraft fuel now available is 100LL,
A 100 Octane low lead. It burns so slow and cool that it makes these engines varnish up & stick exhaust valves.
I got an FAA STC to use automotive fuel.
I have found that a 50/50 mix of non Ethanol 87 octane pump gas and 100 LL works best. Climb out power is better & cruse is more economical.
Just like you gave your scooter what it wanted/was happy with, I gave my 0-300 air plane engine what made it happy.
It had too much " Octane" with 100LL.
A few years ago when we were VP dealers they had 54 different fuel blends available. That should really confuse things..lol
Way to many variables and combinations to just guess what works best.
Adger Smith (Former SS)
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Default Re: C-16 fuel in a stocker

I agree with Adger, you really need to experiment with a few different blends and see what works. VP makes good fuel but I am a Renegade dealer and I have been very impressed with the dyno results I have been getting with Renegade. In my opinion you want to use the lightest, fastest burning fuel you can get and jet accordingly. C16 just seems like overkill for your combination to me but as has been stated you just need to try different fuels and see what it likes. If you want to try something different give Renegade a call. Ron Finney has a background in S/SS racing and is a sharp guy.
Jay Roeder
Former N/SA , Soon to be SS/AS, Renegade Race Fuel dealer
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Default Re: C-16 fuel in a stocker

Thanks for all the info.
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