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Default Newbie needs help

Hoping I'm in the correct spot. I have a question for S/C racers. I'm looking into buying one but before I do I would like to know the price of running the car for a weekend/year down to the pennies. Would be doing only test and tune only, three to four runs 2 nights per month. What would the cost be for car fuel, fuel for transporter, how many tires per year, oil for race car, gen fuel, etc etc. If anyone has ever calculated it out and would like to share that info it would help me greatly. Thank you for your time.

LB MotorSports
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I can tell you that to go to the local track 18 miles from home with a crew of four test and tune cost me ~$100 ($20-$25 per pass).
To race S/C for a weekend (2 days/2 entry fees) at race the tracks that are ~120 miles from home it , with the same crew of four it costs ~$600.
The IHRA races are usually two day/two race deals and the NHRA races usually take three to four days/one race both cost ~$600-~800.

$200-$250 in entry fees
$130 fuel
$ 220 Hotel, track entry, food etc.

Obviously if you travel shorter distances, go to a different track or have a motorhome, your costs may be less and note this doesn't include all the other expenses of the car, the trailer, race fuel , tires and so on.
Most supercomp cars need two people to race them you can do it by your self and it's cheaper but not as much fun.

I Hope this doesn't discourage you
Greatbaer S/C 3391

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Bryan Gillespie
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car & driver entry 170.00
fuel for motorhome 300.00
fuel for race car 45.00
beer 50.00 (low ball)
food 120.00
a weekend of racing & hanging with some of the best people you will ever meet Priceless.

s/g & s/p 120
s/st & s/c 1219
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Thats real close Bryan,


Gary Federico
S/St, S/G 1814
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David 7215
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Logan, I'm guessing you're an accountant!! At any rate, there are a lot of variaibles for one person's data to really apply to your situation. I ran a bracket race 50 miles from home last weekend. Spent $60 on entry, $50 on tow vehicle gas, my car costs about $30 a pass for consumables (engine/tire wear, maintenance, fuel, etc) not counting buying it. If I break something, all this changes.
I will say that you can figure all of this out based on looking at equipment prices in Drag Review/National Dragster and such. I'd also add there are always unexpected expenses in running any racing operation. Was heading out to a race last weekend and found out I needed new batteries, $150 unexpected costs!! It's pretty much always like this. Because of all the variables, I'd say multply whatever you calculate by 1.25 (my wife says double it!!) and you'll be close.
Good Luck

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Thank you for all the replys. Yep I'm going to school now for becoming a International Acc. I also race off road and are much happier with drag racing prices. these all have helped me out greatly. Thank you all again


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