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Bayou Shoe
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Default Help me select a rear tire

Car is 3000lb, 700 hp BBC, 4.88 rear gear, laddar bar set up,currently running 14.5x32-15 Goodyears, was thinking about trying some Toyo's my delema is should I try the 16.0x33-15 or should I just stick to the 14.5x32-15. Not sure if I would gain or loose anything with the bigger tire, please share your thoughts, all input is appreciated.

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I'm not a tire "expert", but I'll chime in. Basically, from a performance standpoint (and maybe cost), you want to run the smallest tire possible that will still get the car to hook. What it gets down to is that you have a smaller rotating inertia with the smaller tire, which will make the car quicker.

Now, that said, since we're all ET racing here, we typically go slightly on the larger side as to not be on the hairy edge. You wouldn't want the car to hook perfectly one time, and then spin slightly the next. But, you also don't want to go with too large of a tire, as it is possible to have too much traction which would make the car bog.

I don't have any experience with the Toyo tires, so I can't really make any claims as to how good they are from a traction standpoint. I do know that I can't fit a 14.5" wide tire under my car, so that eliminated them from contention for me. Unless somebody else chimes in and says they aren't that good though, I would stick with the 14.5" wide tire if it's been working for you. If the cars has been spinning, then maybe you'd want to consider going to the wider tire. But otherwise I'd stick with what's working (plus the narrower tire should be slightly less expensive!)

Hope this helps...

Jason Oldfield
S/G & S/ST 1838
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