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Jim Wahl
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Exclamation Where Do We Go From Here?

This season continues a trend of dwindling car counts. A month ago we had 10 cars. This past weekend we had 5 cars on Saturday and ONE car on Sunday.The Association actually LOST money at all but one these races! We can not continue this way. It cost me over $300 to go up to SGMP and set up and officiate a race for just 5 cars. Most of you know how dedicated the Association staff is, however, none of us can continue to dedicate our own money and have this trend to continue. Yes, it was hot, very hot this past weekend! But was that the only reason 5 cars showed up? A lot of time, money and preparation went into a BBQ attended by only two members. There were more staff workers there than racers! Lots of wasted food!

We have over 200 members on our list yet this past weekend we had only 5 cars show up. Gas was $1.99 a gallon in Georgia, the lowest its been in months. There wasn't another race within 500 miles either. January thru April are very busy racing months for NHRA and IHRA. There are no less than 9 races within that time period on any given year. September and October are also hectic for racers trying to gather NHRA and IHRA points at the end of the year. November and December is usually down time when drive trains are being freshened. When do you want to race? Do you even WANT to race with the SSSSA or is the staff wasting our own time and money trying to keep this Association alive? We can not continue to pump our own money into a declining organization just because we love it! It takes a huge amount of time and effort to run the SSSSA! Dealing with track owners and managers is challenging. We have to race when it is convenient with their schedules. After all, they have a business to run. These tracks are doing us a great favor by letting us race with them. Most of the time they make little, if any money when they host us! We probably have it better than most Associations when it comes to cooperation with race tracks as we have multiple venues to chose from. Think about it.

This is our 9th year and our staff has busted our collective butts to try and work with NHRA, IHRA, and many tracks in the South to provide good, fun races for our members to compete. There is nobody in the "Ivory Towers" of the NHRA, IHRA and the NMCA that don't know and respect who we are and what we do in promoting good, safe, and fun Drag Racing!

We will be at Orlando Speed World in September for our next race. You the members of the SSSSA can either show up and support YOUR Association or not. It's up to you. Do you want your Association to continue or make this the last year we exist? Your constructive and reasonable suggestions are welcomed.

Jim Wahl, President



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Tim Takash
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Default Re: Where Do We Go From Here?

This is sad to here.

Unfortunately my car is not ready to race. It's just no fun to show up without a race car.
Hot outside or not I would have loved to been there.
This SSSSA Needs our support !!!
There are only a few races that make up the points series and I can't see why anyone with a Stock/Super Stock would miss any of these races

Thanks !!!
Tim Takash
Super Stock 248
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