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Todd Gross
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Default Any progress on any new FS builds?

I have been following Larry Hills progression with Dumbo. Actually got to see it run a couple weeks ago down at Beech Bend. Looked really good.

Who else out there has been working on something? Aybody Changing up what they have?

I know Jerry Heath has got to be getting close with his CJ.

My Drag Pak project has picked up a little steam lately. Maybe seeing Larry's becoming a raceable car gave me a shot in the arm. I'm still lacking a few parts to complete at this time ( and $ ), but it's coming along pretty good and giving me hope!

Anyway, nothing has been posted on the Factory Stock / SS catagory since February 13th. Thought I'd try to get a little chatter going here

Who's doing what?
Todd Gross
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Default Re: Any progress on any new FS builds?

Well, it's not a showdown car, but I bought a 2013/2014 Cobrajet with the NA 302 combo. The car was about 95% complete, we finished it and tried to start it and found that #5 cylinder is bad. The previous owner had the motor built and dynoed and I think they hurt it and didn't realize it. So then all this virus stuff hit so I haven't been able to mess with it. I've been gathering parts to run it as a Mustang GT and put the car in A/SA and B/SA. Should be fun!!

Bret Velde
2003 ??/SA
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