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Daran Summerton
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Default Re: motor Home power

6-7 mpg is unbearable to contemplate for me. The Ford transit hightop tows 7500 easily with the twin turbo and gets 15-16. Hope to have one soon!!
77 Malibu K/SA
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Larry Hill
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Default Re: motor Home power

For us the worst time we had with our gas burner was towing and getting fuel. Sometimes a real pain in the..... That's racing!
IHM Used Parts
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Marc LaBrecque
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Default Re: motor Home power

All with common sense. The ford V10 at this time is your only gas choice . Yes there noisey and rev high . But used properly do a "OK" job The workhorse 8.1 coupled withe the Allison on the 22k chassi awesome probably the best gas choice in its day. However workhorse chassi's are out of buisness and parts for the chassi ie brakes and shocks are getting hard to find. My choice would be a diesel pusher . I know COST. Personally I'd look at a good used pusher over a new or even pre owned gas. I'll probably catch alot of flack but had great luck with 275hp Cummins. I know always more hp but I understand about being on a budget and there getting to be quite a few of these coaches available now. Bigger chassis, better braking , much better ride and storage. Just my 2 cents from being in the buisness for over 40 years .

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Default Re: motor Home power

Marc could add to this but my guess, and it is just that, is that a high percentage of the extra cost of a diesel would be recouped on resale.
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Rich Biebel
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Default Re: motor Home power

I have a 2010 Class C that's only 25-26 feet long. 5 Speed Auto....O/D
Pulls my 26' trailer fine and up any hill. Yes they do RPM pretty high if you push them....I make mine stay as low rpm as I can.....by making it shift up quick as I can.
I don't know the total weight of my trailer but it's not real heavy and I'm racing a dragster so it's pretty moderate weight.

My MH is an E-450 chassis with big brakes and stops better than my diesel pickup pulling the same trailer.

There are 2 versions of the V10's
2 valve head rated around 305hp
3 valve head rated around 360hp

My MH is 305hp and from what I read before I bought it, all class C's WERE using that version. I don't know if that's still true or if they ever changed that.

The newer class A's with V10's have the higher HP engine package.

My MH has 4.56 rear gears and hums along at around 2500-2600 at 65-70......Fuel Mileage is probably around 7-8 at best.

They do make an E-450 chassis with a diesel but I've never seen one other than an older one from the '90's.....Winnebago built some....

Most of those diesel engined chassis' are used for small busses and specialty vehicles.....ambulances.....

I service Onan generators so I see every kind of MH you can think of.....
One customer I have buys 30' MH's to rent and he renews his fleet every 2-3 years.....

They are all E-450's with V10's....
Rich Biebel
S/C 1479
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