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Default Weather station and ET predicting ?

So in this day and age of drag racing I realize these are important in order to be successful in any form of racing. After taking several years away and looking forward to getting back to it, what is the go to weather station and ET predicting software? Is it worth the investment into one of the trailer mounted weather stations with pager? or are the hand held units just as good? I have seen a few individuals at the track using the crew chief pro, and it seems to be a good one, is that the one to use or is there something else equally as good that I am not seeing?

I know all of these components are only as good as the person putting the information into them and the driver still needs to cut a light and be able to drive the stripe when needed, but dont want to go out there and be way off every pass either.
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Default Re: Weather station and ET predicting ?

Most who we run with including us use crew chief, I use the altronics PerformAire PC, for the weather others the Altacomm.

I personally like having the trailer based system as it constantly updates the crew chief software. I also use the texting which sends me updates on my phone, so when in the lanes you can see if you need to make a change before the run.

Family software is also used by others instead of crew chief. I went with crew chief since most of my friends use it and we can help each other with making decisions....
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Charlie Yannetti
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Default Re: Weather station and ET predicting ?

I've been using a Computech hand held unit for many years, and have had success.. as the competition got tougher, and tougher, I learned that the predictions needed to be more accurate..

A actually spoke with Don Higgins, at Crew Chief Pro, about both his software, and trailer based weather stations, over several seasons.. I finally pulled the trigger, and this season, my trailer will be totally Crew Chief Pro equipped.. give a call, and pick his brain, if I left anything to pick..

I can also continue to use the Computech hand held, if I happen to be racing out of someone else's trailer.. cause we know that numbers can always be different...
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Tom Goldman
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Default Re: Weather station and ET predicting ?

Crew Chief Pro is definitely the favorite choice of prediction programs .
There are many others , most are based on programs that have been around for years .
What seems to set Crew Chief apart is Don is constantly refining it with data gleaned from his own experiences with his own racing program .
As far as weather stations go you can't beat having a pager .
You never know when you might be trapped in the lanes for an extended time due to oil downs ,crash ,timing system malfunctions. ... The pager will keep you updated when you cant get back to the trailer.
Weather station choices vary , most are pretty good at what they do .
My choice of an Altalab station was based on a recommendation from one of the most successful racing families in the country ,The Biondo's....I've had it for over 25 years with only one problem which was my fault . ...Take a walk around the pits at a big race ,You will see tons of Altalab units atop of trailers.
Altalab repaired it and had it back to me in less than a week !
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