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Default 2016 Tri-State Stock/Super Stock Association Rules

2016 Tri-State Stock/Super Stock Association Rules and Regulations

~ All races open to all NHRA and IHRA-legal Stock and Super Stock cars, as well as Nostalgia/SS (NMCA, 422 Motorsports, etc style)

~ All cars must dial their Class Index or quicker (applies to NHRA/IHRA cars). IHRA Indexes are used (old NHRA Indexes before they were lowered 3 tenths. Example, A/SA 11.30, B/SA 11.55 SS/AA 9.95, SS/BA 10.20 etc). N/SS may dial-in as they wish, to the nearest hundredth.

~ No heads-up Class runs. All cars dial-in. This is due to lack of scales and fuel check at the host tracks.

~Entry money is paid when you get your tech card before your first run. You MUST pay your money when you get your tech card; no free time trials, or no "I want to see if my car will work", etc. If you do break, fifty percent of your entry fee is refunded; the other half goes into the race purse.

~Rules for Nostalgia/Super Stock competitors:

~main rules as far as cars, chassis, etc based on 422 All-stars OR NMCA rules. If you can run with either of them, as is, you can race with us, as is. Exceptions are as follows:

~any dial-in permitted, to the nearest hundredth. Dial-ins CAN be changed between rounds. .500 full-tree. 13.00 seconds or quicker only.

~no lettering required on cars

~ANY period-correct 1971-older, mid-to-full size muscle car (exceptions as listed with 422, NMCA etc. i.e. '68 CobraJet Mustang clone and other 'package' cars)

~period-correct, corporate, OEM-style hood scoop only (no Pro Stock-style scoops); limited to 5" (five inches) tall, or less.

~bracket racing aids limited to transbrake or two-step. NO delay boxes, stutter boxes, throttle stops, etc. This is allowed to level the playing field with the NHRA and IHRA S/SS cars.

~ If there is a test and tune going on the same day as a S/SS race, you CAN NOT run both (exception is Saturday of Hagerstown where all cars run test and tune, since there are no standard time trials by session).

~ All cars must meet the safety requirements of their Class, sanctioning body and/or track.

~ Races are run as a Combo. S/SS will be run as one class. Drivers with one of each may run one in the S/SS race and the other in brackets (or better yet, put a driver in your second car); make sure to be ready for each class' call to the lanes. Bracket program is run by the track and does not involve me. One car/driver per day for S/SS races; car and/or driver can be changed for the next day, when there are two S/SS races that weekend. Points members earn points as an individual, not a team.

~ First round pairings/ladder set by reaction time in time trials (both runs count). Hagerstown in November is done as random pair’s first round, with winning reaction times setting the ladder for second round. Tie-breaker will be closest to the dial, on the plus side first. If still a tie, first racer recording it will be the higher qualifier. Example: If two winning drivers in round one both have an .020 reaction time and both are +.017 over their dial-ins, the racer doing it first will receive the higher spot on the ladder. No "duck hunting" in the lanes. Keep your car(s) pulled up in the lanes so cars are not hanging out the back of the lanes. In random pairing situations, cars are paired side-by-side (lane 1 runs lane 2, etc. 1 is left lane, 2 is right lane).

~ Lane choice determined by driver agreement or a coin flip.

~ Racers are NOT required to make a bye run. They may show in the lanes, and elect to 1) make the run; or 2) sit in the lanes, if in a round-robin situation; or 3) return to the pits (no need to take the tree, etc). In round robin situations, my suggestion is to have someone bring fuel, water, generator, battery charger, air tank, etc to the lanes.

~ In some situations, the track has the final say. All track rules are in effect, as far as lane boundary violations (this includes OUTER boundary line violations), pit area speed limits, safety tech, etc.

~ S/SS race entries are $100 for stand-alone events. When there are two races in one weekend, one will be $50 entry; the other will be $100. All races are 100% payback. All races, third round losers earn their entry fee back, and round money doubles each round after (for $50 race, $50 third round, 100 fourth, 200 fifth, etc; for $100 races, 3rd round 100, 4th round 200, 5th round 400, etc). Round money not paid to finalists. Payouts are car count based--the more cars we get, the better the payout. Racers may elect to split/modify the payout in the final. BOTH finalists must agree to terms, or the payout will be as stated.

~ All payouts (except Hagerstown) will be at/near my car and table. Hagerstown, payouts will be at the timeslip booth.

~ Points will be kept track of. There will be a $25 Points fee. You do not have to pay this Points fee to be able to compete, but you will not be eligible to earn points. We will pay out the top three (3) point’s finishers, and third place will earn at least $25. If we get a large number of points members and/or sponsorship, we will pay the top five (5). Points are earned as an individual, not a team. Each person must pay the points fee to be eligible for points.

~ Points awarded per the NHRA rulebook for sportsman racing. Point’s fee may be paid at any time before the season, or at a race BEFORE first round. Points go to the driver who joined, not the car/team. Example, if I join as a member, race, and my dad races the next day, he cannot earn points for me. Best X of Z races will count.

-* Points and non-Points Members receive the same race payouts. I.E. if the race is scheduled to have a payout of $1,000 to win and $500 runner-up, you will receive that amount whether you are a Member or not. *.

~ 2016 Points structure, per the current NHRA Rulebook for Sportsman Racing
4 round race:
1st round - 31 points
2nd round - 42
3rd round - 53
Win / R-U - 85 / 64

5 Round race:
1st round - 30 points
2nd round - 41
3rd round - 52
4th round - 63
Win / R-U - 95 / 74

6 round race:
1st round - 30 points
2nd round - 40
3rd round - 51
4th round - 62
5th round - 73
Win / R-U - 105 / 84

If you break during time trials before first round, you are awarded 10 show-up points.

~ * Most of all, these races are for FUN. A good time to test, race, make some money, with a LOT LESS hassle, travel time, stress, time off work and money spent to go to NHRA/IHRA events that are hundreds of miles away *

~ For any other questions, info, rule clarified, etc, contact me.

Cell phone (724) 510-5912 or buffdaddy_1302@hotmail.com (also you can sign up there to receive our monthly, or sometimes twice a month, e-mail Newsletter.

To join points, send a check or money order to:

Mike Carr
1207 Mount Jackson Road
New Castle PA 16102

Hope to see you at the races in 2016 for the twentieth year of the TSSSSA !!
Mike Carr, Tri-State S/SS Association President
Looking for 2015 S/SS Race Sponsors Contact me if interested
buffdaddy_1302@hotmail.com (724) 510-5912
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