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Dave Turner
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Default Re: C-11

Unrelated, but a funny fuel story nonetheless. Took a couple of fresh(to me) pails of C12 to a Div.3 race last year. Inspector told me it was the “palest” sample of C12 he had ever tested - but it passed. I was pitted close to fuelcheck, so I brought both pails over for testing; both good. He just shook his head....told him it was the Canadian brew!!

Maybe Sunoco would have been the right shade?
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Default Re: C-11

I've had issues over the years, usually in the morning after first pass when the fuel is still cold. Failed fuel check after first pass one time, left everything alone and it passed after second pass. A fellow racer told me to leave on the manifold to warm up for a few minutes before taking it up, seems to help. I've since switched to only buying the small barrels so it doesn't sit around so long.

Jim Mantle V/SA 6632
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Default Re: C-11

used c11 at columbus year old no problem at fuel check in stock
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Default Re: C-11

Originally Posted by Ryan Horensky View Post
Has anyone had any issues with C-11 passing fuel check? I buy in sealed 5-gallon containers. Fuel passed fine at the Lebanon Valley Divisional. During the Columbus Divisional, fuel checked fine during qualifying. I had my fuel checked after 4th round of eliminations and I was told it checked good, but it's close to going on the bad side. When I asked what he meant, I was told the fuel is borderline dead. I then took the container to fuel check the next morning and was told it was no good. I then opened a sealed 5-gallon container at fuel check and had that checked. I was told the fuel out of the new sealed container was worse and did not pass. The date on the sealed container and the already open container was March 2020. I have been told the fuel has a 3 year shelf life in the sealed 5-gallon containers. Not sure how much truth there is to this? After scrambling for fuel, I ended up having to put C-25 in the car for the SportsNats. The C-25 was in a plastic jug out of a 55-Gallon drum. The C-25 passed fine. Not sure if anyone else has had similar issues with C-11?

ALWAYS run C-11 Never once had a problem in Div 3 and bought it in 5 gallon cans from Atlanta to Joliet no issues
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Jackie McCracken
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Default Re: C-11

Originally Posted by Jeff Niceswanger View Post
Yep, last year, identical. VP took back 30 gallon from me and replaced it. I was told by Pete(at fuel check in div 3) that C-11 is a problem in hot muggy weather. I'm switching to 12 . Not worth the hassle

I used to do fuel check and never had any problems with C11 that I can remember but not many people run it so it's hard to say if there's a pattern. I will say this, of all the fuels I tested I had the most problems with C12 but everybody and his brother runs it and I'm sure that a lot of it is not properly cared for. The best of all the fuels was C25 but when you consider that's what the Pro's and most of Comp run it ought to be.

Some tips for the fuel check categories: Keep you fuel in a cool dark place in air tight containers, avoid plastic because it's porous and "breathes". Something a lot of people get wanged for is switching fuels and not completely flushing the system before they pull a sample for fuel check. Residual fuel can contaminate your system, and never put "preservatives" in your fuel or use WD40 anywhere near your fuel or fuel system.

some anecdotes: for grins I once took a fuel cup of "perfect" C25 and left it sit on the table checking it every15 minutes or so, it was marginal after 30 minutes and failed after 60.. ponder that....

And last but not least, if you EVER put unleaded fuel in your system, it takes a LONG TIME for it to go away and requires some serious flushing before it will pass with anything else in the system. I once had a famous south Lousyanna participant with a spanking new drag pack Challenger that would not pass check even though the jug that it came from was "perfect"... what caused it was the unleaded the factory put in them so they could move the cars around the lots, (they don't do this anymore btw). They ended up pulling the whole fuel system out of the car and flushing it and all it's filters in C12.. made a bunch of pit scooter gas out of it. After the full wash/flush it would barely pass although every run it made it got better and at the next event the fuel in the car tested the same the fuel in the jug. ;-)
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