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Greg Reimer 7376
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Cool Re: Rush Limbaugh

Seems that one of my kids had a little children's book that contained a reference to a gruff little troll who lived under a bridge. Seems to me that this individual fits that description perfectly. He's nothing but a little troll with no functional importance. John, you're right. We have no place determining anybody's eternal destination. Only our own. That's scary enough !
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Randy Wells
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Default Re: Rush Limbaugh

Originally Posted by r429469 View Post
You had to look that up, good for you. MM have raced fwd for years, embrace it. My junk is slow stockers.

lard a#$ is in the lake of fire with the other bad guys.

He will not be missed.

But I do have a Fusion Hybrid for the boss lady to drive to her day job running Toyota.
I think I know who you are, your the village idiot

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Grey Ghost
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Default Re: Rush Limbaugh

Liberals only know what they have been told. They're in capable of original thought and naive to a fault. Most have never produced anything but a turd and they haven't any idea how that happened.

Rush talked about and explained the things we were already thinking. He didn't tell us what to think and never suggested the left be censored...in fact he played their absurd comments and ideas on a daily basis.

We've all lost beloved family, friends, and neighbors. All touching us in their own special way. Most of us never met or ever spoke with Rush but all knew him as a good friend.
Phil Vos
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