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Kevin Panzino
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Default Re: Nhra enters gambling world

Originally Posted by GUMP View Post
I seriously doubt that we will see anything other than a continued place to showcase drag racing.

It amazes me that so many on here act like the NHRA lives in a bubble. The economy has the same impact on them as it does us. This whole them-vs-us is dumb.
I agree 100%!!!
I’m so tired of the constant nhra bashing on here, particularly when so much of it is from non racers.
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Steve Stasko
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Default Re: Nhra enters gambling world

I don't understand the big shock value, this is nothing new. There was a website a few years back that allowed you to place bets on the Pro categories. I can't remember the name of the website at the moment, but could probably dig up the emails if someone really wanted to know. I'm thinking circa 2018-2019.
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tommy d
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Default Re: Nhra enters gambling world

Winlightbets is already one way to bet on dragracing. Seems to be doing well.
Who owns this car, with the peace sign,mag wheels, and four on the floor?
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James Perrone
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Default Re: Nhra enters gambling world

So when the countdown starts getting to the end and there are
TEAM RULES are in effect
Will the gambling site pay me for betting for pre determined win?
I like to win$$$$
james perrone 1290 STK
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Default Re: Nhra enters gambling world

Welcome to Pandora's Box!

GAMBLING POLICY (Page 4) (05/22/2024)
National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) is committed to maintaining the integrity of
its brand, racers, teams, and other stakeholders in drag racing. Gambling
involving the NHRA presents integrity risks and can undermine the confidence
and trust fans and the public have in NHRA and drag racing. This policy is
intended to mitigate those risks and to safeguard our sport against potential
threats from legal and illegal gambling.
1. WHO DOES THIS POLICY APPLY TO? This policy applies to all (a)
NHRA employees, officers, and directors, (b) “participants” and “owner
groups” as those terms are defined in the NHRA Rulebook, and (c)
holders of certain credentials and passes, as determined by NHRA.
“Participants” include team owners, drivers, crewpersons, and any person
or entity that has any ownership interest in a race team, vehicle, or
otherwise. For purposes of this policy, the persons described in (a), (b),
and (c) are hereafter collectively referred to as “Covered Stakeholders.”
NHRA reserves the right to pursue legal or disciplinary action under this
policy based on gambling conduct against any person or entity, even if
such person or entity is not defined above as a “Covered Stakeholder.”
2. WHAT CONSTITUTES “GAMBLING”? For purposes of this policy,
“gambling” means the wagering of money or other things of value, on an
event with an uncertain outcome with the intent of winning additional
money or thing of value. Among other things, gambling includes:
a. commercial gambling (whether for profit, charity, or anything else)
that involves third parties (e.g., bookies, casinos, dealers, “the
b. wagering on sporting events or other athletic competitions, including
placing wagers online, at sportsbooks, and similar establishments;
c. private wagers between family, friends, and others; and
d. wagers made in person, remotely (via telephone or the internet), or
through a third-party “surrogate.”
a. Gambling on NHRA. Covered Stakeholders are prohibited from
gambling on (i) any NHRA race, run, series, or event, including the
Mission Foods Drag Racing Series, the Lucas Oil Drag Racing
Series, and the Pro Mod Drag Racing Series, and (ii) anything NHRA
determines could represent the potential for a conflict of interest,
unsportsmanlike conduct, or other action(s) detrimental to drag racing
or NHRA. There are no exceptions to this rule, even in circumstances
in which the race, run, series, or event is conducted in a location
where gambling is legal or in which the Covered Stakeholder is not
This rule prohibits gambling, either directly or indirectly, on the
outcome, statistics, time, actions, or any other aspect of, or
occurrence in, NHRA races, runs, series, or events or NHRA drag
racing, including elapsed time, qualifying time and/or position, head-
to-head results, event winner, series winner, lane choice, racer
lineup, disciplinary matters (e.g., red lights, disqualifications), and
weather delays.
b. Illegal Gambling. Covered Stakeholders are prohibited from
participating in or facilitating any form of illegal gambling, whether on
NHRA, sports, or otherwise. For example, Covered Stakeholders
may not gamble with offshore betting operators (e.g., Bovada), in
jurisdictions in which gambling is not legal, or with betting operators
that are not licensed or regulated in the applicable jurisdiction.
4. PERMISSIBLE GAMBLING. Not all gambling is prohibited by this
policy. Covered Stakeholders may gamble in places where it is legal,
so long as such gambling is not otherwise prohibited by this policy. For
example, Covered Stakeholders may engage in traditional casino
gambling (e.g., blackjack, slot machines, poker, craps, roulette) and
gamble on non-NHRA sporting events.
5. FANTASY LEAGUES. Fantasy leagues are contests in which players
assemble fictional teams of real world competitors (e.g., racers,
athletes, etc.) from professional sports with the winners determined by
reference to the statistics of those real world competitors. Some
fantasy contests last an entire season (i.e., “commissioner-style
fantasy leagues”), while others are as short as a day (i.e., “daily
fantasy leagues”). Some fantasy leagues offer cash or other prizes,
and some require an entry fee to participate.
Participation by Covered Stakeholders in NHRA fantasy leagues that
award cash prizes or other things of value could create an actual or
perceived conflict of interest. Covered Stakeholders may also be
perceived to have an unfair advantage due to their preferential access
to information in certain instances. As a result, Covered Stakeholders
are prohibited from participating in NHRA fantasy leagues that offer
cash or other prizes, except such leagues that (a) do not award cash
prizes or other things of value, or (b) award cash prizes or things of
value valued at $500 or less. Covered Stakeholders are permitted to
participate in fantasy leagues that involve non-NHRA sports (including
leagues with prizes), so long as those fantasy leagues are legal where
they are offered.
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Default Re: Nhra enters gambling world

6. FIXING AND MANIPULATION. Covered Stakeholders must always
give their best effort in connection with any NHRA race, run, series,
or event. Failing to give best effort, or soliciting, encouraging, or
inducing anyone to not give best effort for any purpose (whether or
not gambling- related) is prohibited.
Covered Stakeholders may not (a) throw or fix any NHRA race, run,
series, or event, (b) influence the outcome or statistics of any NHRA
race, run, series, or event, (c) manipulate or attempt to manipulate
any aspect of any NHRA race, run, series, or event, or (d)
intentionally act or fail to act to cause the outcome or any aspect of
an NHRA race, run, series, or event to be determined by any factor
other than its merits. An effort to do any of the foregoing does not
need to be successful to violate this policy.
7. INSIDE INFORMATION AND TIPPING. Covered Stakeholders may
possess access to confidential, non-public, or proprietary information
(“Confidential Information”) that would be of interest to people
engaged in or associated with gambling. Accordingly, Covered
Stakeholders are prohibited from using, disclosing, or providing
access to any Confidential Information regarding or related to any
NHRA race, run, series, or event to anyone that is not a Covered
Stakeholder, including information concerning (a) a participant’s
vehicle or its parts, (b) a participant’s health, or (c) a participant’s
disciplinary status.
Stakeholders may not work for or operate, directly or indirectly,
individually or through a business entity, any gambling entity
(including any casino, sportsbook, or other establishment or business
that offers gambling). Additionally, Covered Stakeholders may not
own any interest in a gambling entity except for an interest in a
publicly traded company that offers legal gambling, so long as the
ownership stake is a de minimis percentage of the company’s shares
a. Covered Stakeholders may not promote, market, or associate
with any gambling enterprise, brand, or gambling activity that is
not in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations
relating to gambling within the United States.
b. Covered Stakeholders may not maintain relations with any
person generally known to be (a) engaged in operating an illegal
gambling business, (b) problem gamblers in a manner that
discredits the reputation of the NHRA or drag racing; or (c)
engaged in any other gambling-related activities that are
prejudicial or detrimental to the NHRA or drag racing, regardless
of whether an NHRA race, run, series, or event is involved.
10. REPORTING OBLIGATION. Covered Stakeholders have an
affirmative obligation to report violations or potential violations of this
policy, including improper approaches or solicitations by others. If (a)
a Covered Stakeholder has a good faith reason to believe that
another Covered Stakeholder has violated or attempted to violate this
policy, or (b) someone asks a Covered Stakeholder to engage in
conduct that would violate this policy, then the Covered Stakeholder
must immediately report this information to Gambling@NHRA.com.
Failure to report in accordance with the foregoing may result in
disciplinary action. Retaliation against any individual who, in good
faith, reports a violation of this policy is prohibited, even if an
investigation finds that a violation did not occur.
11. DUTY TO COOPERATE. Covered Stakeholders are required to
cooperate fully with any investigation concerning this policy, including
producing relevant information, participating in interviews, and
attending related proceedings. Covered Stakeholders are prohibited
from soliciting or inducing others not to cooperate.
12. VIOLATIONS AND PENALTIES. Apparent or alleged violations of
this policy by Covered Stakeholders will be decided by the President
of NHRA or his designee on a case-by-case basis. Violations of this
policy will subject the involved Covered Stakeholder(s) to appropriate
disciplinary action determined by the President of NHRA. Disciplinary
action may include severe penalties up to and including fines,
suspensions, termination of employment, and/or banishment from
NHRA for life. Violating this policy may also subject the offending
Covered Stakeholder(s) to penalties under civil or criminal law.
13. EDUCATION REQUIRED. Covered Stakeholders are required to
complete the NHRA-mandated e-learning tutorial upon the launch of
NHRA’s sports gambling initiative. Thereafter, Covered Stakeholders
will be required to complete the training prior to the start of each
NHRA season or when NHRA provides an updated tutorial with new
policy guidance, prior to receiving an approved license. Proof of
completion will automatically be provided to NHRA when a Covered
Stakeholder has completed the tutorial.
14. ASSISTANCE AND RESOURCES. If you or someone you know has
a gambling problem, toll- free and confidential help is available 24
hours a day, 7 days a week through the National Council on Problem
Gambling. Call (800) GAMBLER, text 800GAM, or go to
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Default Re: Nhra enters gambling world

So now we will have to complete their "training course" to ensure that nobody will ever cheat or fix a race?

Couldn't we just swear on a stack of bibles?
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Default Re: Nhra enters gambling world

Does anyone have a link to the training course materials? 13. Should have ended the same way 14. Did, with a link to the Required Education website, along w/ phone #'s etc. to get instant answers to questions or help.

I understand we are (many of us hete on CR at least though not all), are stakeholders, but I have a ton of questions as to #7. And would say Build threads here (and materials posted therein violate 7., and the posting of certain possible health info also violate 7......? Oy, this could certainly get pretty complicated and pretty much make forums like CR a ghost town for fear of violating certain policies contained and listed within 7.

While reading those 2 posts above, I certainly recognize that I am a stakeholder, and that I therefore cannot gamble on anything NHRA Race related, but did not understand who can be gambled on by others not Stakeholders, so really do not fully understand who is or is not covered under the umbrella of "will be gambled on" in the final result...Just the Pro's or everyone racing in NHRA?

NHRA racing just got a lot more complicated. Or did it? I don't yet even know. Lots of questions and very few answers.
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Dan Bennett
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Default Re: Nhra enters gambling world

I can't wait to see how the NHRA is going to enforce #6 - fixing and manipulating - when the countdown is in full force.

There's a large group that I don't need to name that has been doing that for years with nothing (that I have ever heard of) being done.

Uh, dunno, I missed the light. Ya know, that might have been the wrong setting for the clutch/line chip....
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Default Re: Nhra enters gambling world

For anyone following how other sports are doing on this front there are many participants and officials being disciplined for improper manipulation of results. I?m still maintaining that this is a very slippery slope for NHRA.
Jim Carter
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