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Default Data Loggers

Some more newbie-type questions:

Do folks use data loggers? If so, which ones? Do they really help, or do they only provide some interesting numbers to ponder later? Are they worth the money and time to put one in, or is it better to put the money into engine and suspension parts? Am not throwing rocks at anyone, the engineer side of me is drooling over the idea of having lots of data to slice and dice in 1000s of different ways to see if it tells me something useful. Other than I still suck at driving these things. But, at least I am having fun with it.


Ron Sinclair
Ron Sinclair
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Default Re: Data Loggers

Not in your class but i will throw in some advice. I have a racepack dash in one car and autometer dash in the other. both data recorders I have had to take out the autometer at least three times now to have the battery replaced which is well over $100 said and done and it always seems to fail at a very inconvenient time which leaves me with no tech or gauges at all
both record about the same info and it is nice to have when you are struggling with an issue but with that said I did not buy either one until the cars had made me money, take this kind of stuff as cake, put your money in the motor, transmission, and suspension. Let the car win the cake for you.
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Rod Greene
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Default Re: Data Loggers

Anyone have feed back/experience on the ALTRONICS system?
Rod Greene Real men shift for them selves. Slowly working on TA Challenger for D,E/S and a 72 Challenger for SS/K, L as if I don't have enough other projects.
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Default Re: Data Loggers

RPM Performance is what I and several friends use. Very helpful company for questions..... they answer the phone.
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