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Default Re: Very sad day

What a wonderful man. Prayers sent to the Henson family. GODSPEED. !!!!
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Default Re: Very sad day

Fred was one of those guys you never forget. One of the most important qualities someone can be remembered for is how they treated others while on this earth. Fred was meticulous, smart, kind, and one of the most genuine individuals we have had the pleasure of knowing. Our sincere condolences to his family and all those affected by his passing. GODSPEED Fred.

-The Emmons Bros.
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Regan Wilson
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Default Re: Very sad day

I still own and drive a truck I bought from Mr. Henson back in late 2002. I didn't know him or meet him until maybe early 2007. I was parked in the north side of the Tx Motorplex gravel pits. I thought I was on the furthest east end I could get. I was sleeping late one night and heard someone banging on my door. It was Fred! I had a POS generator that was less than ECO friendly. He parked close to me and the fumes set off his Carbon Monoxide alarms. When he told me what was happening all I could say was (Sorry Mr. Henson). That was way before we were mandated to have exhaust stacks. He must have been one of the first people I knew of that had an Alarm. Very classy guy with very cool cars. It was always cool to see what he was going to bring to the next race.
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Larry Hill
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Default Re: Very sad day

Fred was a good man and it was our benefit to call him a friend. God Speed
IHM Used Parts
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Bill Bagley
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Default Re: Very sad day

Emmett, you have a PM.
Bill Bagley
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Dale Hulquist
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Default Re: Very sad day

"Friendly Fred" as he was commonly known by many friends and customers alike was a long-time dear friend and mentor to me after high school' he taught me how to sell cars at a local car dealership back in 1978 which he was VERY good at but most importantly Fred was a Christian, and a man that would express his faith in the Lord publicly . I will remember all the good times and laugh and smile in your honor buddy . RIP Friendly Fred
Dale Hulquist
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Alan Roehrich
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Default Re: Very sad day

Sad news, indeed.
Alan Roehrich
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Default Re: Very sad day

Fred was a great friend. He and Liz went out of their way to help me when I was sick at Indy one year. Just spoke with Fred Feb. 23. I will forever remember that phone call. RIP Fred.
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Brian Brown
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Default Re: Very sad day

I am very sorry to hear this terrible news.

With much thanks to Fred, I got to start racing in Stock in 2018 when I bought his 2016 Cobra Jet from him. He told me "you're going to have fun in this car" and he sure was correct. I enjoyed touching base with him each year on how things were going. Prayers for him and to his family.
Brian Brown STK #3172
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charlie westcott
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Default Re: Very sad day

Freds most memorable trait to me was his positivity. I talked to him a few times after he found out he had cancer. He knew what was likely to happen, but he was totally upbeat about it, and said he was gonna keep on fightin, and working on his cars. He was one of my first customers, and we became good friends. He always kept busy doing something. He got interested in guns, and went all in on that for a while. That was his deal. When he did something, it was all in.
I had a video on my phone once of him firing off a gun of some sort, it was like Rambo in real life.
He will be missed by all.
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