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Default Top 32 Challenge forms for 2023

What was the Top Challenge series at Maple grove Raceway for the past 10 years or so has changed hands and become a traveling series with the Mid Atlantic .90 Association under Rob Keister. The series has now re-branded itself as the Mid Atlantic Top 32 Challenge and will somewhat follow the format of the ever-popular PDRA series with a few twists.

Entry: $100 to track at gate / $100 to the pot

Saturday will only be qualifying, with Sunday being the eliminations portion except on a few events that might conflict. This will help with time off from work as you'll be able to come in / park Friday Night for the Weekends events.

On Saturday Night / Afternoon we will do a Bad 8 Race:

Entry: $75.00
Fastest 4 Cars in TD & Fastest 4 Cars in TS
If one of the Top 4 drivers didn't enter the Shootout then it will go down the line (#5,6,7)
Non-Qualifier Money will go into the pot towards the winner / runner-up
You must be entered for the Bad 8 before Q2, can't just wait till you make a killer run and come and enter.
Round 1 will be run along Q3 on Saturday Night with the Semi's and Finals being run alongside the .90 rounds / juniors and other classes that day.
1st round will be a Chip Drawl - Meaning instead of #1 vs #4, #2 vs #3 - The 4 TS & 4 TD racers will have 4 chips (2) 1 & (2) 2 - The higher qualifier driver will pull the first chip on down, so could be a chance the #1 & 2 qualifiers run each other R1. The winner of TS will run TD for the chance to say they are the "King of the Bad 8" for that event.
All eliminations will be a dial-in - no lower than 3.70 dial in.
Lane choice will go to the higher qualified car for R1 then based on the previous round ET, so if you're the faster car but, break the beam in R1 your opponent will get LC in the next round if they are faster that round.

Right now:
If 8 Cars that have paid in, we won't really know until an event as to how many we will have pay up front, non-qualifier money will go into the purse to up the payouts.
W: $400
RUP: $200
As we add sponsors, we will up that amount for you the racers.

Will be eliminations only unless there is a conflicting event going on (Example: July 29-30th is a Streetcar SO at Cecil) so we will do a qualifier on Sunday to set the fields.

1/8 Mile Distance for the MA TOP 32 Challenge!
Membership: $80 - we will allow 2 drops off the 6 events counting you 4 best results.

ET Breaks:
Door Car - 3.70 to 5.45 (8.49 in the 1/4 mile)
Dragster - 3.70 to 5.05 (7.88 in the 1/4 mile)
All cars will need to be certified for the elapsed time and proper safety equipment must be worn for the elapsed time you are certified for.
Quickest ET gets Lane Choice – Laddered from R1 on, the fastest car gets lane choice unless you want to do a gentleman’s coin flip.

16 Fastest Dragsters on a ladder
16 Fastest Door Cars on a ladder
These cars will run Separated till 1 of each are left and run for the Money. For those questioning, what happens is only 9 TS cars show up, it's still a 4 round race no matter what, just byes each round till the finals.
Non-Qualified Cars will run an 8, 16, 32 car consolation race (Non-Points) – payout based on the entry fee already taken in- no additional pay in.
Based on 32 cars. Under 32 will be pro-rated but, with some sponsor support we can hopefully still payout the amount below even if we don’t hit 32
Winner: $1,750 plus sponsor - Ron Riegel, Scott McCracken & Mike Koebel have added an additional $400 to the winners pot, so at 32 cars it will pay $2,150.
R/UP: $700 - Mike Koebel will also put up an additional $100 to R/UP.
Will pay back to 3rd round loser

Depends on sponsors if we can payback 2nd round or make the round money a little heavier. We could also throw in a calcutta to beef up the purse also.
Consolation Race: No buy-in based on the money you paid already to us but didn't qualify.
32 Cars
W: $ $1,500
RUP: $700
Semi: $150
3rd: $100

16 Cars:
W: $800
RUP: $400
Semi: $150

8 Cars:
W: $400
RUP: $200
2nd / Semi - $100

All winners in the main race will get a custom trophy, big check for their win
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