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Default Top 32 Series at Maple Grove - June 29-30th

Let's re-rack and try this again at Maple Grove for Race # 1 & 2 in a few weeks.

Friday, June 28th, 2024

Gates open at 4 pm and racing starts at 5 pm for all Friday Night Test N Tune. Please note that racing may end early some Friday nights depending on car count! Gates will most likely close at 10pm SHARP and you'll have to stack outside till the morning. If you are coming in for Friday Night to park, you will be charged a spectator fee but please go through Tech, we have a lot of racing to complete on Sat & Sun and can't promise a cleanup run if you miss a run if you are stuck in Tech. I get that we all run the LODRS events, with everything being done online but Maple Grove wants us to go through tech for our events. Racers may park at no cost from 8:30 PM to gate close on a Friday night (gate closing times may vary based on Friday Night weather and other unforeseen instances). Once the gates are closed at night, no racer, crew, spectator or fan may enter the park. Those racers or crew members arriving at the track once the gates have closed will be stacked in line until the gates reopen the next morning. Racers and crew members who have already been inside and wish to run an errand then return must have a ticket in order to re-enter at any time, (even after the gates close). There will not be any advance ticket sales allowed from fellow racers, crew members, etc. to allow an individual to enter for the first time after gates have closed. These parking rules will be strictly enforced

Entry Fee for T&T and .90 per day: $50 / $100 per day paid to the .90 / Top 32 trailer
Spectator/Crew: $15 per day

Saturday & Sunday, June 29th & 30th, 2024
Gates open at 7am, racing will start at 8:30 am with Juniors for both days. A run order will be posted soon.

BBQ will begin at 6:30pm - due to Saturday being a later day, we have asked Maple Grove to help supply the main course of food, we still will welcome sides & desserts from you the racers - THE BBQ will be located where my race operation is parked, due to us being with the bracket deal it will most likely be a ways down or in the field, the registration trailer will be parked in the Midway Area right by the shed that houses the track equipment and everyone parks their golf carts / pit bikes at. We will please ask for some assistance and help with getting set up and cleaned up before / after the BBQ.

I have had a few people ask me at the MG Lucas Race about the 1 time run deal, as some of you very well know the 2024 schedule was a beast to write, getting dates was a battle to the point the season was in jeopardy. Shane & I went back and forth on dates, and we actually had a date set up that was suitable to host us and some other classes but unfortunately Cecil was hosting an event similar that same weekend which would have killed that car count. Maple Grove is going to take a gamble and add us in June for the weekend bracket race, but the stipulations set forth were for 1 time run on both days due to the car counts planned for that weekend. If you need additional runs, you can run the T&T on Friday Night or enter the bracket race (bracket race is 1/8 mile) if you need numbers. I think if you ran the LODRS with the heat & humidity we had there, the numbers should be pretty similar to this weekend. The Maple Grove staff along with my staff will be committed to getting things completed - trust me when I tell you nothing hurts more than not finishing a race and I know Kyle, Shane & the rest of the crew feel the same way...nobody likes splitting points or having to issue rain checks or split winnings because a race isn't completed. Communication will be relayed to you all and a reasonable run order created by Shane and his staff. So, sign up for WhatsApp and when we call ya please come to the lanes at a timely manner, don?t block the lanes for other classes, pull up to the cone so we can pair you all, and move down! Let?s all have a great weekend in June at the House of Chaos.

Whatsapp links, download it on your phone and sign up by using the link below, we will give you alerts along with ladders and calls to the lanes!

Top32 https://chat.whatsapp.com/D98ZzbP8CBUBFdWybGudH4

If you have a concern or question please come see one of us one on one. Thanks - Rob K. 856-332-2851
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