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Dan Fletcher
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Smile Don’t panic…

Call Sepanek…

I want to scream from the roof tops what a great guy and trans builder Jack Sepanek is. Obviously I’m an ATI person, but when my trans failed before, during and after 1st round this weekend, Jack and his bride Katie drove 2 hours back to the shop, made the required repairs, and had it back to me by 9pm Friday night.

I have great sponsors, but I 110% owe every ounce of todays win to Jack Sepanek. I cannot thank him enough for being like the best guy ever!
Dan Fletcher 1781 STK, SS, COMP, SG, SC


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Roy Kinslow
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Default Re: Don’t panic…

Congratulations on a hard earned win. I'm not surprised that Jack fixed you up but it is surprising that you don't have spare transmission.
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Joe Santangelo
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Default Re: Don’t panic…

Jack Sepanek is the man. We are all lucky he lives so close in D1. Congrats on win number 143256645346.
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Default Re: Don’t panic…

Congratulations on the hard earned win.
god bless
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Brian Oakes
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Default Re: Don’t panic…

Congrats Fletch, NOW go and clean the pool before CLT, lol
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