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Default Payouts for 2021!

So I have looked over some of the polls that some of you voted on in the Survey Monkey site for the year end results. We had 5 additional questions added onto the year end awards for you to vote on. One of the questions posed was about the event we held at Atco this year in which we increased Saturday’s entry fee by $20 to make the entry $130 ($30 Gate Fee) and up the payouts by throwing more into the pot ($100). Unless there is a flood of No’s in the next few days (73% yes) we will increase the entry fee to $100 on ONLY SATURDAY events next year and keep the Sunday races at $80 with $30 gate fee. So what does this mean for payouts...we’ll be increasing the payouts for BOTH DAYS next year:

So for example:
Saturday payouts:
19 Cars will pay $1,000 to win / $475 RUP
31 Cars will pay $1,500 to win / $675 RUP
40 Cars will pay $2,000 to win / $750 RUP
50 Cars will pay $2,500 to win / $900 RUP
Will will still payback at 3rd round and at 20 cars you will make your $100 back.

Sunday Payouts:
22 Cars will pay $1,000 to win / $300 RUP
32 Cars will pay $1,150 to win / $450 RUP
40 Cars will pay $1,400 to win / $525 RUP
50 Cars will pay $1,700 to win / $675 RUP
Will will still payback at 3rd round and at 24 cars you will make your $80 back.

We will also bring back the ever popular $10 Calcutta that will increase those payouts depending on who jumps into the game.

Remember you DONT have to be a member to come race with us, everyone is welcomed and there is no price difference for members / non-members but, if you win or runner-up you will have your membership dues taken out and you will earn points at the next race you attend. To be honest, it’s pretty silly to not just spend the $80 and become a member just incase you make it to a final.

I also want this to be known that we’re not trying to force people away by raising the cost for one day, we want to see all the racers come out and play and the majority of the poll and what some of the comments were based on upping the payouts. If you ever look at our payout sheets, we don’t make any money off the payouts to put back into the series, it all goes back to the racers and unlike big $$ bracket races we don’t get 100+ cars and do buy backs to help offset the cost and offer a big purse. Personally I think it’s a good payout for our type of racing and doesn’t force the little guy out of racing with us. Your basically paying 1/2 of what you would at a NHRA D1 race and getting the same amount back.
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