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Nick Heath
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Default Re: 2011 Mustang V-6 Auto

Getting to .40 under in a brand new combination that nobody has ever tried is excellent! From the MPHs I saw, it's definitely has the potential to go quicker. No matter what, it's still something new and different - and new and different Stockers are way, way cool!
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Mark Yacavone
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Default Re: 2011 Mustang V-6 Auto

It's a shame that someone has to put a roll bar in a car like this, just to run high 12's.
NOT the way to get new blood into Stock classes.
C'mon NHRA Fix this deficiency .
"We are lucky we don't get as much Government as we pay for." Will Rogers
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Glenn Briglio
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Default Re: 2011 Mustang V-6 Auto

Originally Posted by Billy Nees View Post
I spoke to Steve this weekend at Cecil. Cool car and it will eventually be fast. He's got a lot of things to figure out yet but that happens when you're the first one out there doing a project.
I talked to him too at Cecil. Great to see different combo's with lots of potential. Cool ride!!!!!!
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Charles Stewart
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Default Re: 2011 Mustang V-6 Auto

I’m following Mr. Stickel and his M/SA Mustang for a couple of months now and I think that this combo bring new excitement, new challenge, refresh and new thrill to him and to the Stock class in general. I’m sure that the potential is there and once he figured it out it will be a force to be recognized.
I may be wrong but I see a lot of those new combos for the future for the class.
Set-up like this one and (as an example) Mr. Nees Cavalier “are more real stocker” than those 100,000 $ factory stock cars “not” available to the “normal general public”…
Dodge and Chevy are missing the parade here, ignoring those new generation of engine and people with a different vision.
Waiting to send " V6 specs to NHRA" is even not an option here...
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