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Default 2022 GLSSA Rules and Race procedures

2022 GLSSA
Rules and Race Procedures

•Eligible Classes:
NHRA/IHRA Legal Stock and Super Stock class cars.
All cars must run on or under the NHRA or IHRA index
No IHRA Pure Stock cars
Nostalgia Super Stock.
NMCA NSS rules are the guide for these cars.
NSS cars can change their dial every round

-Confirming Stk/SS/NSS legality of each car is up to the race directors

-No Heads-Up runs. Same class cars will be run off dial-ins

-Entry fee each race $140. Before each race weekend we will let the racers know if they are paying the full entry fee at the gate or if they will pay the tracks fee at the gate then the rest to GLSSA directly.

-Qualifying: On two race weekends we will have two qualifying runs for the first race and one qualifying run for the second race of the weekend. Qualifying will be based on the best of your reaction times from qualifying

-Calcutta program: Racers that would like to race for a bigger purse can buy in the Calcutta for $25. We will come through the lanes before the last qualifying run to collect the money and put your name/ car number on the list. The last racer standing in eliminations that day will win the bonus cash. This will be 100% payback. If the two remaining racers in the Calcutta both loose in the semi finals they will split the cash.

-All rounds will be run off the sportsman ladder.

-Any car not able to make a time trial will be placed on the bottom of the ladder

-Racer meeting will be at the Directors trailer 15-20 mins after the last qualifying run is completed for announcements, qualifying prizes and display the race pairing ladder

-Broke car: Any driver that wins a round but breaks will not be able to continue to the next round with another car

-Rainout policy: Any races cancelled due to weather will not be made up. If a race gets cancelled before 1st round GLSSA entry fee will be refunded (track fee paid by each racer, refund will be up to the discretion of the track operator). If a race gets cancelled after 1st round and before race completion all purse/points/Calcutta will be evenly split by the racers left in competition.

-Payouts will be hand delivered after each round. Winner and Runner ups will get their money in the winner’s circle at picture time.

-Points will be scored at all GLSSA races for 2022

-Points will also be awarded for qualifying positions 1 through 10.
Number 1 qualifier gets 10 points, Number qualifier 2 get 9 points and so on.

-TIEBREAKER METHOD: If a tie exists (for any position) at the end of the GLSSA series, it shall be resolved as follows. If, after step one is followed a tie still remains, additional steps are to be followed until tie is broken.

-Review full season of scored GLSSA event racing between tied contestants. Driver with most "head to head" victories wins tie.

-Apply tiebreaker points from scored GLSSA events as follows:
Winner 5 points
Runner-up 3
Semi-finalist 2
Quarter-finalist 1
Driver with most points wins tie.

-Coin Flip

2022 GLSSA payouts;

Field size 44 cars or more
$300-Semi Finalist
$150-1/8 Finalist
$100-1/16 Finalist

Field size 43 cars or less
$250-Semi Finalist
$125-1/8 Finalist
$100-1/16 Finalist

Points System
Field Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 Runner Up Winner
4 or less 40 52 63
5 - 8 40 50 62 73
9 - 16 40 50 60 72 83
17 - 32 40 50 60 70 82 93
33 - 64 40 50 60 70 80 92 103
65 and up 40 50 60 70 80 90 102 113
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