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Default Re: No-prep/small-tire/outlaw street racer/social media infl

Originally Posted by Grey Ghost View Post
My original post was knocking the good old usa not canada. Maybe you voted for out to lunch bucket joe and I offended you?
No, just didn't understand your post bud!
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Default Re: No-prep/small-tire/outlaw street racer/social media infl

Stupid thread from the start!
Bob Smith
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Default Re: No-prep/small-tire/outlaw street racer/social media infl

I can tell you why it’s popular. Because it doesn’t matter how you slice it up, Stock and Super Stock are highly rule bound bracket cars. The vast majority of drag race spectators I know will not watch anything that isn’t heads up. Bring up Super Gas and they cringe when a faster car loses. And worse yet, when they go on the stop they just check out.

A real drag race is heads up to most spectators. Power adders are here and mainstream. I don’t see that changing any time soon. I prefer NA and always will. But the turbo’s and Pro Chargers are what is making big power, relatively cheap.

And I can tell you why they do it on the street. It’s because they can’t get track time. Forever and a day there wasn’t a track around that would give them time for their own “class” as it were. The tracks would run all three “Super” classes and maybe a Top Comp deal with 16 or 32 qualifiers and then it would be a bracket race. Again, the VAST MAJORITY of drag racing spectators have no desire to see a bracket race.

And on top of that, you have some seriously bull**** rules at sanctioned tracks. And add to that the track is only open one or two days a week. You have to race at their time, when they tell you, how they tell you. It is IMO as close to communism as you can get. I know the self righteous here will tell me how much “safer” drag racing is by its plethora of lawyer devised and moron implemented rules, but the fact is drag racing will never be safe.

And I ask all the nervous nellies and nattering nabobs what do you care if two cars line up and don’t make a full pass? As a “purist” you see a drag race differently that the average spectator does. What do you care of two cars line up and one ends up in the wall, or going turtle? If you don’t want to line up next to someone like that, don’t. You have a choice.

Now, I know the same type I mentioned above that will tell me how well the rules work and they will argue that crashing cars and the potential of bodily harm and even death affects the entire sport. I won’t argue otherwise. What I will say is when grown men decide they want to line up two cars and run them at a closed course event there shouldn’t be ANY reason for anyone to suffer outside of the two fools who may potentially harm of kill themselves. It’s a freedom of choice thing.

But we have ambulance chasing lawyers and nanny state judges and juries filled with cucks, naves, fools and idiots. The lawyers want the money. The judges think themselves gods and law makers and the juries I’ve served on were as dumb as they come. The judge has no problem lying to the jurors, telling them they can’t judge the law. And that’s a lie. But the simple minded, brainwashed dullards think that anything the government says is written on stone and not to be judged.

That is the perfect soup of stupid and tyranny that has tied this country down since the “civil” war. Personal responsibility is long gone. Lawyers running amuck, looking to use insurance company data to tell everyone if someone dies on a drag strip their insurance will go up. When the truth is it doesn’t make a pinch of **** of difference. Every time there is a flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake or some other real or man made calamity, the insurance companies are bound to lose millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars. Most of them can’t survive a hit like that. To cover their slimy asses, they raise the rates of car insurance, your home owners insurance and every other insurance there is to cover their loss. The insurance companies NEVER lose money. It’s a ****ing scam.

It’s a sad fact that we have lost nearly every liberty we should have. If someone wants to do something that couple potentially kill them I say let them do it. I’ll even pay to watch a moron try and get 2800 HP down an unprepped track on a 275 tire all day long. If they end up in the morgue it won’t affect me one iota. And it should not affect anyone else. It was freedom of choice. No one made anyone do anything. Yet it’s ok to send men to fight wars we have no business fighting, for a people who won’t fight their own wars and that’s fine. And you can say that’s what they signed up for and that would be true. But fighting either world war, Korea, Viet Nam and certainly any war in the Middle East and Asia (look up Asia on a map...it’s not what most people think it is) isn’t defending the Constitution or any US interests. But it certainly benefits one nation and it ain’t the US.

At any rate, I’m all for Liberty, freedom of choice and personal responsibility. Being able to do dumb **** (or at least what some think is dumb ****) to the point of inflicting death upon oneself falls under all of the above. Bring back personal responsibility and the freedom to do what you want. If the consequences are too much for someone to stomach, don’t do it. I have friends who would stop ANY motorsports today and not give a single **** what we think. And there are more of them than us. They think it’s stupid, kills the earth and the worthless humans who live here and a waste of money. They are, of course full blown communists of which I remind them at every chance. They counter with they are liberal. Or progressive. Or some other bull**** to convince them they aren’t communists. That’s what we are up against.

Deprive no one of what they wish to do and as long as it doesn’t present harm to you, live and let live. Or, as I believe that before my life ends we will be under full communist rule. Look at 2020 and all that happened. And now 2021 will repeat with more stupid mask wearing, force vaccination (what they **** is that??? And there are multitudes who think they have the RIGHT to make you take a vaccine that has no value...vaccines don’t work on a flu) and the coming lockdown. The “government” is trying to implement a basic income. That means they either tax the piss out of the money makers or they print money which has the same end result.

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