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Default Transmission problems

Good evening. My 98 Chevy dually, 454 automatic, has an intermittent problem of not shifting out of low gear. I parked it until I can spare the $$$ on a rebuild. I did a search here recently and found info that suggests a bad ignition switch could be a possible cause. Can anyone give me more info about this, so I know what to look for, before I spend the money and time on changing it out?

In an earlier thread about this a few months ago, I got some input that I passed on to the tranny shop. They didn't find anything they could address without removing and rebuilding. Until I come up with the $2700 disposable income for that, I'll continue using my spare tow rig.

Thanks and have a great weekend...
William Kilduff.
William Kilduff
1970 Barracuda (still under construction, indefinitely)
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Default Re: Transmission problems

Call your local Chevrolet parts department and ask about
a replacement transmission for your truck. They come with a 36000 mile warranty
and if there’s a problem, Chevrolet will R&R it, even if you installed it. I did one a few years back, cheaper than a trans shop and much better warranty too.
Dan Foley
SC 4698
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Rory McNeil
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Default Re: Transmission problems

Quite a few years ago, my buddys 3500 454 Dually (I believe that it was also a 98 model) did the same thing,he took it to a transmission shop, and they couldn`t find anything wrong with the transmission itself. Not sure how they figured it out, but indeed, the problem was a bad ignition switch. He replaced the switch, and drove the truck another 10 years or so, until it was written off in an accident, but never did have any transmission problems with it.
M/S 85 Mustang
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Mark Ruset
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Default Re: Transmission problems

First thing I would do is to hook up a scanner and check all your input and output readings. I had something similar on a 1999 Yukon and we determined it to be a shift solenoid.
Mark Ruset 2048 STK
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