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Mack Reeves
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Default Re: 2022

Originally Posted by jmcarter View Post
Brett, Doug Duell does it at about all of their races, possibly Dennis Breeden and others.

Yes I know that Dennis Breeden does... NSS and regular SS/Stock last year this year I expect he will switch over to just SS and NSS...
Mack Reeves
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Brett C
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Default Re: 2022

Maybe I didn’t present it properly….
Can a driver race in 3 different classes at an event?
Brett Candies
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Default Re: 2022

Originally Posted by Brett C View Post
Maybe I didn’t present it properly….
Can a driver race in 3 different classes at an event?
Well it's complicated.....
At a NMCA race they run the NMCA Classes, bracket races(most races not all) and Chevrolet Performance classes.

You can run 2 classes in NMCA
You can also race brackets
You can also participate in Chevrolet portion if your vehicle is LS powered.
Special COPO and Cobra Jet shoot out races at Norwalk are also considered separate from NMCA

So it would be possible at a NMCA to race in 3 classes but not within the NMCA it self.

For example you could race two cars one in Stock and SS. You could also run a LS powered car in Chevrolet Performance classes (Street King/ Rumble). You could accomplish this with either three cars or if One the cars racing in Stock or SS was LS powered it could be entered in both NMCA class and Chevrolet Performance class. I have seen Al Corda race his 2015 Camaro in both Stock/SS combo and chevrolet rumble at the same race.

You could also enter the bracket portion with one of the cars also. So you could in theory race 2 cars in 4 eliminators.

Now this is just my understanding. I would talk to Jim Bailey or NMCA tech before showing up to race in three classes.

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Jim Bailey
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Post Re: 2022

2.22 Driver Eligibility:
A competitor is permitted to compete in two different categories with two different vehicles. A competitor cannot drive more than one vehicle in the same category at the same event, nor can the same vehicle be driven by separate drivers at the same event. This is for all NMCA categories of competition with the exception of True Street which will be allowed to compete in class eliminations on Saturday and the appropriate bracket on Sunday. Bracket categories may purchase multiple tech cards for eliminations as long as the vehicle meets class rules, and the driver is able to conform to the Competition Directors time/turn around demands. An individual vehicle cannot be used for multiple entries.........there are a few exceptions that do not pertain to the Stock and Super Stock classes.

Basically, pertaining to Stock and Super Stock, you have to have a separate vehicle to run each eliminator. However, you have the option of buying an extra tech card and running in the bracket category with your Stocker or Super Stocker at certain events.
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