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Default Buckeye S/SS Double @ Dragway 42 Sept 11/12

This weekend September 11th and 12th at Dragway 42, we will have a double race weekend. Payout for each day will be $1500 to win and $700 runner up. This includes the Mid Ohio Paving Bonus money provided by the company owner, Jim Nichols. Semi Finalists will get an extra $100 plus the regular round money. Round money starts with second round winners. (Winner and runner up do not receive round money). Entry fees each day, Pay $25 gate fee to the track and you will come to us for tech cards for an additional $100. Total each day is $125. When you pay the gate fee the track will give you a wristband. You then can come to us for the tech card. Each day will have a different color wrist band so we can make sure everyone pays the gate fees.
Friday at Dragway 42 there is a Test & Tune. Gates open at 4:00pm with racing from 6 to 11:00. Buckeye S/SS racers can get in for overnight stays. You will pay the Saturday Gate Fee when you enter on Friday. You can get in as late as 10:00 PM. Let them know you are Buckeye S/SS. The track will still charge a spectator fee for Friday of $15. You may want to pay for test n tune instead. You decide.
Saturday Gates open at 7:30 am and racing begins at 9:00 am with the Jr Dragsters. We will get on the track around 10:00 AM or so.
Sunday Gates open at 8:00 am and qualifying starts at 9:30 am. We will probably get on the track around 10:30 or so.
These are the last chances to get qualified for the 2021 Buckeye Championship Runoff. You get qualified by winning or runner up finishes at each one of our events. This weekend we can get an additional four racers qualified. There will likely be fourteen racers qualified when this weekend is over. The two additional racers for the 16 car shootout will be taken based on points finishes (and the required four races). The Buckeye S/SS Drag Racing Series Championship Shootout will be held at National Trail Raceway on Saturday October 2nd. The shootout winner will be the 2021 Buckeye S/SS Drag Racing Series Champion. The Champion will receive $1500 and the Championship Iron Man Trophy and second place will receive $500 and the second place wall plaque.
Also at the Shootout event we will award the points winner for 2021, the Christmas Tree Trophy and $700. Second place in points will recieve a smaller Christmas Tree trophy and $300. The points awards and monies are sponsored by Modern Auto Parts of St.Clairsville, Cadiz, East Liverpool and Magnolia , Ohio. They are NAPA parts stores in these locations.
This season we are blessed once again with great sponsors. Mid Ohio Paving is the sponsor of the Dial for Dollars at every race. $100 is awarded to the racer that gets closest to their dial in on our first qualifier.
BK Beverage is the sponsor of the #1 Qualifier and will receive a $50 Marathon Gift Card from Becki Melhorn in memory of Kevin Melhorn. Kevin was our runner up in the Championship Runoff in 2020. Kevin passed last year with a heart condition.
In the first round of competition there is the Parsons & Myers Racing Engines Best Losing Package award that pays $100 to the racer that loses with the best package. Bruce Parsons has graciously sponsored our series in one form or another for many years.
This coming weekend the KB Trailers Buckeye Bounty Hunter will be on Matt Antrobius. Matt won the last event at Kil Kare and has the target on him for the $100. Beat Matt and get the money.
Columbus Clutch and Joint Dead on Zero pays $100 to the racer that runs dead on their dial in with a zero in eliminations. The first racer at the event will be awarded. Bring us your time slip and get paid. If nobody hits it, the money rolls over to the next race. This event will pay$200 since no racer hit it at the last event at Kil Kare.
An exciting weekend of racing awaits all of us at Dragway 42. Nitro Joe, myself and the Buckeye Stock/SuperStock Drag Racing Series staff look forward to seeing everyone for a late summer blast.
If you have any questions call me at 740-359-5877.
Jeff Ross

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