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Default Re: Best gear for 9.90

Originally Posted by Charlie Yannetti View Post
While it is true that finish line RPM plays a part, I was convinced a few years back by Eddie Jr, at Select Performance, to go to a 4.56 gear.. not only to enhance his converter set-up, but that I would be surprised by the charge coming off the stop.. I now have 2% to 3% slip in the converter at the top end, and that charge coming off the stop is awesome, and I go out the back door at approximately 7600 RPM with my 565.. I am only 2150 pounds also..

While I was a nay-sayer, until I switched from the 4.30, I doubt I'll go back.. while it slightly increased the RPM, I didn't seem to affect the MPH at all...
Are you saying that the car comes off the stop much harder, your converter got more efficient, but you didn't gain any MPH?

Was there a measurable gain anywhere? Could you stay on the stop longer?
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