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Default Re: Restrictor plates

Pat, you're aware of my setup, but for those following along that aren't, I'm posting this reply from another thread...

"when running a 4150 carb, there is no better than the adjustable restrictor plate manufactured by Willys and sold through Summit, Jegs and others.

Been using this plate since 2008. Previously to slow my 9 second Chevelle to 10.0 and since 2009 to slow my 8 second Firebird to 9.0 enabling me to run 9.0x all season long at every track I compete.

This 1" 4 hole plate has 18 turns of adjustment in it from fully open 1.75" bore(s) to 1.00"

Each turn is worth ~.04 and can easily kill 100HP.

Nothing to take apart or swap out, couldn't be easier or simplier. Adjustment(s) take a few seconds and are infinitely adjustable.

Several competitiors and friends are now using it on their 8 to 11 second rides to slow them to make ET cutoffs and/or index classes as well I know of 1 former Division 1 Super Street Champion now using it after hearing about and seeing it in use on my car."
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