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I'm back ! Been really busy. And just to let everyone know,.. I'm out of the racecar business. Sold out...... Everything is gone. Huntzberry's over in Maryland purchased everything. The barrel loads of funds it took to stay at the top of the heap finally ran its course, and I'm just refusing to empty my retirements accounts any further. Fun while it lasted. Over 20 years in SS. Sue has patently waited her turn, and we now move on to quieter things ..Well ,not exactly, I'm headed down to Gale Pawleys in Concord N.C tomorrow to dyno his newest engine.. And I just received a call from Marietta Ohio to head over and do a COPO. I'll continue to do some tunes (Holley) but I'll try to stay away from the tracks as much as possible. I kind of promised Sue ...Now I'll now set my sights on my stereo. I already have all the big ticket items in place, 3000 watt amps (IV*5) for my surrounds and center, 1000 each for my mains (IV*2). A complete Legacy system. Focus SE Mains, Phantom Surrounds ,Deco Rears, along with (2) 18 inch subs with 800 watts each. For you audiophiles, I'll post their page and you can look over their stuff. I have hundreds of older Albums, but I need a turntable to match the level of the rest of the system, so that will be my next target ..

Legacy Audio is 4X 2021 Editors' Choice Winner at The… _ Legacy Audio

The day after 911, while trapped in the recording studio, the Eagles cut this song..
I wish you all could hear this album ( Eagles at Melbourne) on my system. I had a few neighbors over last night and we fired up a concert. We all left with goodbumps . Anyone passing through Ohio is welcome to come have listen ..

Jeff Niceswanger 3740 SS

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