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Originally Posted by Mark Yacavone View Post
I don't know if this was intentional but both of these songs use the "flanging" technique in their recording.
Back then, they would play two identical tapes side by side, and then drag their finger on the edge (flange) of one to delay it slightly to create a unique cosmic sound.
Used quite a bit in the late 60's, it actually was introduced in 1959 , quite by accident.
Read the comments on the Y/T video below.

This one seems to "catch up" with one machine and possibly lead the other one in the middle somewhere.
Tomorrow Never Knows was full of overdubbed tracks recorded and played back at different speeds.
At the time that song was not able to be played live due to all the layers of changed speeds etc.
I'm sure you recall that "seagull" sound was actually a recording of Paul laughing and played back at a much fast speed.
I'm big fan of the psychedelic sound.
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