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Default Re: Original hemi dart information

Originally Posted by PHAT69AMX View Post
polyglas and Old Yellow RR - Thank You, pardon the delayed response.

Immediately East of McDonalds on 10 Mile ?,
Ok, thanks, that building looks big enough and old enough to be 'it'.
2300 East 10 Mile Road, Warren MI 48091 is the street address.
Yes, the actual street address is what was hoping to find and document.
Just for the record, as much surfing & searching has failed to find it.

A 2019 telephone conversation with a very top level Hurst person was
1 of a couple sources of the 'Budman Building' name, but no address.
That source also said that Hurst leased and used that building for
only about 9 months due to '68 project volume and to build the Hemi's.
They left that building once the '68 Hemi cars were completed.

At the tail end of '68 Hurst signed the lease on a then just completed
brand new building facility located at 10711 Northend Ave Ferndale MI.
The new 1969 home of Hurst Performance Research, and where all 52
1969 AMC Hurst Super Stock AMX cars were converted, and the interior is
pictured full of white AMX cars in a June '69 Car Craft 'Super Gee' article.

Link to an April 22, 2015 almost what amounts to an online reprint of previous 'Super Gee' article
which includes a magnificent modern high resolution scan of apparently an 8x10 glossy print
of that Hurst Ferndale Building interior space stuffed full of white '69 AMX Cars,
as well as previously withheld Hurst, Bob Tarozzi, & Crane, Engine Dyno Notes & Numbers !

Hurst did other cars in Ferndale, but did leave that building for ~1 year,
? 1970, but then returned to it to do the Pontiac SJ, Cutlass Supremes, etc.
There are pictures of the Cutlass cars also in the Ferndale Building,
even a 1974 aerial photograph of the lot full of them on the county map site.
1973 Cutlass Cars being converted at the Hurst Ferndale Building pictures,
mis-labeled as the Demmer Bldg, are midway down on this Hurst Olds web page

In pursuing Hurst S/S AMX research and locating the Ferndale building still standing
the '68 Hemi Car Building came up and was surprised nothing specific was found.

'68 Hemi Car pictures from back in the day almost look like they may
have been taken in a gravel dirt lot on the north side of 10 Mile Road
across from the 'Budman Building' on the south side, but unsure.
Have seen only pictures of cars being picked up, not being built.

Cars & Concept grew out of Hurst is about all I know about them.

Agree it's a chuckle seeing what google maps street view does.

So asked, and your answers have helped 'firm up' possibilities.
Hurst 'Budman Building', 'birthplace' of the '68 Hemi Cars
apparently still stands even today as the Warren Community Flea Market
located at 2300 East 10 Mile Road, Warren MI 48091, now apparently,
hopefully, correctly, located with help from the information you all have provided.


Same building was used for the M code Dart and Cuda builds before Hurst moved.
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