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Default Re: Truck Weight Distribution

Static weight distribution is nice to know ,but it is just that ,static.
Dynamic weight distribution ,or transfer is what you really works for you. .... as your front end rises the center of gravity is rapidly moving rearward .
Many of the Stock /SS cars I work on are closer to 55/45 than 50/50.
The ones that are 50/50 or greater sometimes need to move weight back forward to keep the car from being too violent , especially when carrying a lot of extra weight to make the next lower class.
My friend Eric Merryfield's Super Stock Dakota truck will go nearly vertical on 9" tires and cal tracs with around 52/48 static weight on a 112" wheelbase.
As for ProStock Truck numbers ,there is no comparison to a stock frame ,leaf spring vehicle . .....Again ,the bias is heavier on front to prevent the truck from having excessive or too quick weight transfer.
They also ,being manual transmission race cars {trucks}, want a certain amount of wheel speed at the launch, not like a .90 car looking for zero wheel spin at the launch.
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