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Default Re: 2020 Season Schedule

Hi Dan,
Regarding your fly in fly out options you have a few. If you were to leave your rig in montreal area after napierville you could easily fly in and out of there, it's a long days drive but can be done from there to Miramichi. Also you could fly in and out of Fredericton NB, as one of the ways to get to Miramichi passes through there. However MDP opens up wednesday, and there is testing usually available thursday, with eliminations starting friday so a short vacation can cover those two events back to back. Many of us do "the canadian swing" and stay in a campground. As for the Greenfield event in August, you would pass through the major hubs of Moncton NB, and Halifax NS which both have international airports, between MDP and Greenfield. There are many local racers in the area who would let you park your rig. I am located exactly halfway between the two tracks, and only 40 minutes from the Halifax airport, I have plenty of room for your rig and can provide you a ride to/from the airport if you so desire. Hopefully you can make the trip, the more the merrier!
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