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Default K/SA ET and MPH

Cecil County D1 race
Discovered that the Stocker Cam has less vacuum for power brakes.
Limiting the Launch to 2300 normal, 2500 rpm hard pedal.
Which it tried to creep through the lights.

Best qualifying run 12.13 108mph
Then hit the PCM Rev Limiter and would not go any faster/quicker.

Mason Dixon - Sat and Sun this weekend.
Friday installed a Vacuum Booster for the Power Brakes.
Feels great and can hold the Launch RPM to 3200 rpm.

Stayed with 2500 rpm launch Bracket racing. .
First run was 12.19/108 and ran into the Rev Limiter 6900rpm.

Next run Switched on the Locking converter at 6500rpm
Car went 12.11/111.36, what a surge.
4 mph and almost a tenth improvement.
But the car still hit the rev limiter in the traps.

Now have to figure on a new Computer system.
The LT1 PCM is hard wired 7000 rev limit.

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